‘What can i do when people are wrong and i’m right?’ 😉


‘So what do you do, what do you do, when a whole bunch of people are wrong, objectively wrong about concrete, demonstrable facts, and they want to stay that way?’


Well, the first step here would be to look into victim mentality and understand how that may relate to you. Do you have a victim mindset?What do you think?

The answer to your question is…acceptance.

You find acceptance.

Understand that your frustration is called that for a reason. It is YOURS.
YOU create it. Not them. Not the world. Not people being ‘wrong’. YOU. YOU create it.

The frustration you feel is you resisting acceptance.

So find it.

And move on to your problems. Deal with those instead. Accept that people fuck themselves because accepting this is what will allow you to NOT fuck yourself.

Wish them well. Project love if you can. Send it to them.

They are afraid of truth. Afraid. Not ready. But that, as said above, is NOT the problem.
THEIR problem…doesn’t exist. Only YOURS does. And now you have a pretty good clue as to what it is.

All the best to you. And them. 😉
Yann Ayahuasca


Note : the above question was taken from a public post on Facebook. The guy obviously has a very strong victim mindset. His friends too, it seems.

He did not appreciate my reply, and proceeded to insult me and try to shame me for all sorts of things unrelated to the post or my reply. He claims i am judgemental.

We all are, sometimes. However, i fail to see how this was. Name-calling and insults, on the other hand… 😉

Luckily some people get this.

What i take from this? Two things :

– i understand my own frustration better.

– don’t try to help people asking questions publicly. Help people who ask YOU. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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