‘Who am I?’ – The Retreat

The following video is in Czech & English, i hope to have a version with English subtitles for you soon, follow this blog & my YouTube channel for notifications. For more information on the retreat, use the email in the video.

Our latest retreat was in July 2020 and was overbooked. It was also, i promise, way more of a success than i thought it would be. 😉

Let me explain : we had several new elements/activities to our program, and i was concerned we couldn’t pull it off. We did, and the feedback during the closing circle was 100% positive, everyone was very pleased with their stay & their experience.

Even if you don’t speak the language, the video will give you an idea of what to expect.

The next retreat will be from September 2nd to 6th 2020, in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. There are cheap flights to Prague from all over Europe. And from Prague car-pooling can be arranged with other clients attending.

We have approximately 20 spots available, for a staff of 8 !

The food is 100% healthy & vegan, very tasty, and will not leave you wanting anything more. 🙂

For details & pricing, please use the email in the video. Beware that last time we were overbooked so i recommend you do not delay if you are interested.

Who is this for?
– Anyone who wants to find out who they are.
– Anyone with addictions or depression but not taking SSRIs.
– Anyone wanting to re-connect with themselves and find their purpose in life.
– Anyone curious about connecting to ‘The Source’ and feeling more, or wanting more gratitude in their life.

The retreat will be preceded by an introduction call, and followed by an integration call.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lars
    Aug 02, 2021 @ 18:32:28

    Hello, when do you plan for the next buforetreat?
    Lars, Norway


    • yannwithayahuasca
      Aug 03, 2021 @ 02:49:43

      Hi Lars, we will have a few Kambufo events over 2-3 days, ie Kambo and then Bufo 1 or 2 days later, and i am trying to find people interested in creating retreats with synergistic activities / therapies. Our next 5-6 day retreat might be in autumn, however the shorter events are happening already. Bratislava on 8th & 9th of August, for example.
      Also, if you are able to make it to Prague, we can sync a Kambo session with a Bufo session for you, with my Kambo colleague. So a lot of things are possible.
      But for more information, please go to tye contact page here on my blog, and email me. We can then send you the details, and find whatever works best for you. 👌🏻🐸😊🙏🏻


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