Episode 6 — Bright white lights ! | 2014-06-23

Those bright lights i describe after ceremony 2 are still there, albeit less bright. I just need to concentrate and i can see them again.
In any other circumstances i would be alarmed and seek the help of an ophtalmologist! But i dunno why, i feel it is a good thing…maybe the medicine is still with me.


Episode 5 — ANGER !!! | 2014-06-22


A week after ceremony 2 of Ayahuasca, anger seems to have…


Episode 2.5 — Immediately Before | 2014-06-14

A micro last-minute update on my state of mind immediately before my first Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday 14th of June 2014.
And convinced i would not resist the process…something that may not have been the case…but i was only to find that out the next day during ceremony 2.


Episode 4 [FR] — Juste Après | 2014-06-15 (version courte)

Mes impressions quelques heures après ma deuxieme cérémonie d’Ayahuasca le 15 Juin 2014.
Grosse grosse fatigue, une fatigue profonde comme aucune autre.


Episode 4 — Just after ceremony 2 | 2014-06-15

My impressions a few hours after ceremony 2, a day after the 1st.

After this ceremony i was profoundly tired. This was a new type of “tired”. And it showed : the friend i was staying with told me i looked like a wreck. I certainly felt like one.


Episode 3 — Just After | 2014-06-14

My first impressions about 30 mins after my first ever Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday the 14th of June 2014.

I look pretty tired!


Episode 1 — Way Before | 2014-06-05

For the record : how i felt 9 days prior to my first Ayahuasca ceremony and what i was hoping for & expecting.

Preceded by Episode 0 — Introduction.


Episode 0 — Introduction

A quick explanation of why I am sharing my experience with Ayahuasca.
If you are unaware of what Ayahuasca is, I highly recommend reading an article or two on http://lafamiliamedicina.com/blog/

Video :


Episode 2 — Just Before | 2014-06-13

My impressions the day before my first ever Ayahuasca ceremony.

Preceded by Episode 0 (Introduction) and Episode 1.