Un rapide tour d’horizon : Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, etc.


Qu’est-ce-que l’Ayahuasca ?

Une tasse de thé dégueu pour explorer votre inconscient, ça vous dit ?
Vous avez l’intention de mettre fin à votre dépression chronique ? Vous voulez vous débarasser de vos angoisses ? Apprécier plus la vie ? Surmonter vos peurs les plus profondes ?
Si prétendre connaître l’Ayahuasca me semble chose impossible — vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos surprises — on peut dire que nos expériences en sa compagnie valent toujours très largement le coût.
A vous de le vouloir, c’est tout. Le potentiel de cette médecine dépend de vous. Vous avez une mentalité de victime ? Passez votre chemin !


Qu’est-ce-que le Bufo Alvarius ?

Il s’agit d’un crapeau aux qualités uniques…et l’expérience qui découle de la combustion de son venin séché sera sans aucun doute l’expérience la plus merveilleuse que vous aurez l’occasion de vivre. Aussi indescriptible que de décrire la vie à quelqu’un qui n’a jamais vécu.
Vous manquez d’envie de vivre ? Vous manquez de gratitude envers la vie, l’existence ? Vous avez envie de renaître et de connaître votre origine ?


Quelle préparation pour l’Ayahuasca ?

Attention, la préparation est d’une importance primordiale !
Voici quelques conseils qui sont aussi des obligations pour une expérience sans dangers.


Thank you

Although i got kicked out from the London Real Academy and i have little faith in the new Brian Rose and his fancy waist jacket wearing friends — i could be wrong ! — i really feel a calling to thank the people on the LRA Facebook group, some of whom joined my FB friends. Your posts and support have already made me change a bit, to be precise i am getting fitter.

Thank You for all your kindness and efforts to improve yourselves. I hope i can give back. Ping me if you think i can be of help.

All the best,


LSD microdosing…NOT !

So here i am, having not bought LSD or anything illegal anywhere in the world, not cutting up LSD tabs into 8 and not microdosing it.
I did not take 1/8th of a tab at 10.35 am this morning and this is an account of me not doing any of those things.
First off, i don’t know if it really was not LSD 25 or if it was not 1P LSD, heck maybe it was not something else. I was simply told ‘this is not acid’. Already confusing.
I did not pay 150 units of imaginary currency (which translates into 7,50 in €) for it.
Apparently when you take LSD it takes 30-45 minutes to start to kick in. Much like shrooms then.

So here it is. Will i feel anything from not taking this stuff ? Is the non-LSD spread out evenly on the tiny tab or did the part i just did not ingest have more or less than 1/8th of the non-existent dose ? How much was the imaginary dose on this tab of non-acid anyway ? Geeez, so many questions…

10.35 am

1/8th of a tab of non-LSD.

10.45 am

Can’t say that i am feeling much, and were i feeling anything it might be a placebo / nocebo. Maybe more relaxed ?

10.50 am

Right, definitely seeing a walrus in clothes sitting at a piano singing, with pretty policemen doing a dance routine on a wall.
Just kidding : nothing.

I’m having (fresh) ginger (root) tea, very strong in the ginger department. Dunno if that’s a good or a bad thing, or maybe making me feel things too.

11.02 am

Doing my work-out routine now, just did 50 squats, going to do 50 more. Not sure if this can have any influence.

11.39 am

I am now onto ginger coffee with powdered Saigon cinnamon. Is that giving me a high ?
My brain doesn’t feel quite normal, as if there was some abnormal activity going on up there, right in its center. Could it be thinking ?? Maybe i’ve found a way to turn it on.

1.08 pm

Feeling some sort of very light inner ‘bone’…”euphoria” maybe ? Reminds me a bit of shrooms.

5 pm

Took some more, 2/8ths i think and cannot remember when [i’m writing this the next day] but i know i took one more 1/8th at some point, totally 4/8s in the day.

Around 8.30 pm

Went to the supermarket, stared at a sign for a minute and it started slowly moving. Felt overall pretty strange and driving was not something i was comfortable with.
Keeping focussed eyes was impossible, no matter what the distance.

Around 10.30 pm & next day

Went to bed. Slept pretty well till my alarm went off at 5.30 am. Maybe have got some closed eye visuals. At this time i took half a tab.

Next day 7 am

Need to sleep, set my timer for 90 mins, put on the Kelly Howell track #3 The secret to attracting wealth, which is designed for sleep, and i got plenty of very bright coloured closed-eye visuals, but very synthetic fluorescent colours. There was nothing fascinating about it. I don’t even know if this stuff is actual LSD, let’s keep that in mind.

Next day 11.30 am

I don’t like the feel of it so far. Feels unnatural, synthetic, like abnormal activity in the brain. Will surely take a full tab one day but really don’t feel like it. Maybe there is some point to microdosing this, whatever i have bought here, in 1/8s, because there seemed to be some extra drive, but quite frankly i’d rather manage to find that drive & maybe stamina through other means. I feel like i am closed to my emotions, to my pain, to my loneliness, and i feel like i need some Toad Medicine or some long deep Ayahuasca sessions, like in Peru.

I must stop spurting out my pain & frustration onto others, mostly my mother & brother, because that is just being a victim about victims. A dead-end. I am really frustrated with myself, my lack of actions, my procrastination, and i wonder to what extent these lines here are not exactly that. I NEED TO FOCUS, and STICK TO THAT FOCUS. I know i can do it, i just seems to have


My cry for help : how can i help my sabotaging family ?

‘I have morons on my team’. Ever see that film? I love that line. It’s from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, with Redford & Newman, late 60’s. Great movie with great actors.

Judgemental, eh ? I’m desperate.

Can you help ? I can’t.

Thank you.

[Update 2016-05-19]
This was me being a victim about victims. Not very smart.
For the record, i took very small doses of acid on the day of this video. Not 100% sure what the substance is since i cannot verify it, however. Feels like coffee concentrated into the center of my brain. Seems to have highs & lows, feels unnatural, not like shrooms, more synthetic.
I have a lot of work. I need to stop hiding from my pain & loneliness. I need to stop wasting time, i must focus and stick to it. My brain needs rewiring, deeply.


Does our mind control & create our reality ?

Dr Bruce Lipton produces a fascinating presentation from minute 1 right through to the very last second.
Just 5 or 10 mins in you can feel the breeze that is about to storm your mind. And then it just gets better & better.
So much in here that i will have to watch it again, for sure. And yet it is all so very clear & easy to understand.
Thanks, Mr Lipton, this is high-value life-changing insight.


My 66 Day Challenge : to work out every day

On April 25th 2016 i decided to take up a self-suggested 66 day challenge to exercise every single day.
Here i will post “Vlog” updates – that’s video logs i think – now & then.
I am now on day 22, ie 33% through. How do i feel ? Have i lost weight ? Am i gaining muscle ?
What is my routine ?
My weight is stable, but…

Quick reminder : before May 10th 2014, which is when i first watched Dan Pena & Peter Sage and started running & eating better (and soon did Ayahuasca), i was 83 Kg. I am 68 Kg (2016-05-16).

Vlog from April 28th (2016) – Day 4 :

Vlog from May 16th – Day 22 :


Vlog from June 14th – Day 53 :

Before and after photos will be posted on Day 66 right here. Subscribe to this blog and/or the YouTube channel for updates.


Review of the Fender FC-100 guitar

It’s cheap, it’s made in Indonesia, it has nylon strings, a narrow neck and it’s easy to play. But is it worth it?

Coming soon : audio recordings with studio mics, and a conversion of this guitar into an electro-acoustic using a quality piezo pickup and high-end preamplifers.


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