My name is Yann and I turned 40 in 2014.

With that “magic number” came many questions, a few stitched up answers and more questions still.

Years ago, a friend mentioned 3 letters : D.M.T.
I ignored her completely.

It may be important to you, if you are of the judging kind (aren’t we all?), or if you’re looking for a reason to dismiss whatever you may find here, that drugs do not interest me. I’m referring to heroin, cocaine, marijuana even…
I’ve never gone out of my way to try any of those, and never paid for any, but i have of course taken a puff or two of the latter on some very rare occasions : you know, parties…

I heard of Ayahuasca for the first time about a year ago, maybe a year and a half. I cannot remember who mentioned it or how i stumbled upon the information. Internet obviously helped.
It became clear quite quickly, however, that Ayahuasca was nothing like a ‘drug’. In fact, no one refers to Ayahuasca as a drug except those who have no clue what it is (that would include govt bureaucrats and people who have been heavily conditioned by the so-called ‘war on drugs’, ie probably you).

After much research and talk, i decided to seek out a source of Ayahuasca near to me (I live in Mexico btw). However, i soon realized that by imposing proximity i had merely created a barrier for myself and was most certainly using that as an excuse not to experience it. So i found myself a ceremony 4 hours away and booked my bus ticket. Who was i kidding?! If a 4 hour bus ride is going to stop you from doing something you want, then…well, you don’t want it at all.

My first ceremonies were June 14th & 15th 2014 in Guadalajara.
At first i had not planned to attend two. But as you will discover if you listen to my videos, the first experience did not go at all to plan. Nothing bad happened. And for that i am now grateful.
If you think you know what to expect and have never experienced Ayahuasca then do check out my posts about these two ceremonies. I certainly learnt a lot during them and i still am learning days later.

The aim of this blog is not to convince you to try / experience / visit Ayahuasca. First of all, in some countries, where fascist States are in place, this brew of perfectly natural plants has been declared illegal. Those same countries have declared molecules found in our bodies, brain, in animals & plants…illegal. Insanity pushed into law.
Ayahuasca isn’t illegal in those places because it is harmful. In fact all clinical studies known to me seem to show it can be extremely beneficial in many domains, but it changes your way of thinking. Not many govts like that. They do after all send you to school — again, studies show that schooling crushes creativity and instead imposes a veil of conformity over all of us. A herd is hard to control & predict when it isn’t a herd. Which shepherd would want one of those?
May i suggest you search for Sir Ken Livingstone and his TED talks. Education doesn’t have to be what it is. It will open your eyes. 🙂

If you’re a ‘skeptic’ (i think i am — whatever that means), then you’re thinking this is all mumbo jumbo. Luckily for you, science has come to your rescue.
Do a quick search on ‘The Spirit Molecule’. You’ll find the documentary (based on the book by Dr Strassman, who studied it clinically) and of course the book.
What came out of those studies? Well, it seems like DMT and/or Ayahuasca cure the following, & possibly others :
– Depression
– Addiction.

There are things to know before taking Ayahuasca, however, and they are very important. You should NOT be taking drugs. I mean real ones. Drugs like Prozac & Valium that convert into sodium fluoride (a powerful neuro-toxic — look up patents for rat poison & insecticide for more) once ingested, stuff like that. You need to be CLEAN. No pharmaceutical crap. No bad foods. No alcohol. And, they say, no sex during the prior days. In essence, you need to stick to vegetables & fruit for at least a week, and you need to drop all your neuron-killing anti-depressants, which are conscience-altering drugs that actually REDUCE your consciousness. Ayahuasca does the opposite, and that’s why it fixes you.
It also appears that serotonin levels in the brain increase massively with DMT / Ayahuasca. Chronically depressed people get cured in one or two ceremonies. Junkies & alcoholics come out freed from their addiction. And for the average guy, those little things you’re “addicted to”, well those too can go away.

The improvements you can hope for from Ayahuasca are much more numerous than just the ones mentioned above. Ayahuasca certainly seems to heal people in many many ways. Consider it 20 years of psychotherapy in a few hours, only with the added power of…Ayahuasca.

After just two only very subtle ceremonies i have already noticed various benefits, both psychological and physical : i am more at peace, feel less anxious, the very frequent waves of guilt i could feel in my stomach have almost disappeared, i am less judgmental of others, feel more tolerant, yesterday i went running in the rain and thoroughly enjoyed it (‘WOOHOO! YES! BRING IT ON!’), and the itchy patch of psoriasis i have had on my right forearm for countless years has improved noticeably. I feel more optimistic and already enjoy certain things more. I am more confident and less self-conscious : it doesn’t quite matter as much how people see me. I feel i am on a good path, a healthy one. And i am here to share it with you.


Update | 2014-06-23 : Positive change BEFORE Ayahuasca

Roughly one month before i attended my first Ayahuasca ceremony, i made a big positive change in my life. I switched my diet from “normal” to healthy, and i started working out several times per week.


Well, first, i must have been ready for that positive change. Second, i got a kick up the arse.
I fell upon London Real, a YouTube channel. I watched a great interview that got me motivated to MOVE : Dan Peña. He’s an old school entrepreneur & motivational speaker, he does £10.000 weekly seminars in his Scottish castle. And then i watched the Peter Sage interview. And he blew me away. Peter Sage is an ‘extreme entrepreneur’ with a strong “spiritual” twist. He certainly does sound like he has experienced Ayahuasca, but doesn’t acknowledge that he has in the interview. Anyway, long story short, Peter Sage inspired me to change my life, and it had nothing to do with Ayahuasca or anything like that. His words hit the mark, and that mark was deep inside me. Within a day i was writing up the content for this business-orientated website, a business idea i had had months earlier and done nothing of. After 3 days, i changed my diet and starting exercising and i haven’t gone back on it since. That was on May 10th. I have lost 8 kg since then. And i will lose another 8 within the next few months.

So even before my Ayahuasca ceremonies, i had experienced a very positive change in mindset. And i believe that is essential: if you want change in your life, before you can find the “mental stamina” to actually go & run every day & eat only raw vegetables & fresh fruit, you need that new mindset. With a positive & strong mindset you could run a marathon or climb a mountain — even without legs.
As the new mindset replaced the old, i started to have new ideas for businesses. I had 3 within a few days. And kept having more over the following weeks. At present, i am struggling to decide which i should apply! But i do like various and i wouldn’t be surprised if i apply several. I cannot disclose these ideas here, for obvious reasons, but i had some ideas that i had certainly never heard of before. When i attended my first ceremony i was hoping to ask Mother Ayahuasca which route i should explore. By the second i knew i would get what i was given. 😉

Anyway, i am not selling anything here, i just want to share with you what has worked for me…just in case. I could provide a link but let’s see if you want positive change or not…
Look up “Peter Sage London Real” and when you’re done watching that great interview (one of his best, easily), go to YouTube and search for “Peter Sage sharing his passion” : you will find a 3 part interview of great value. Peter’s words are full of wisdom and may inspire you to change your life in ways you cannot presently imagine. I certainly hope so !

I am not into gurus. There ain’t no Jesus gonna come from the sky. If you want change, you are gonna have to make it yourself. No govt will ever give you the compressed air car, you’re gonna have to find one for yourself (yes, folks, this car does exist).
But when someone makes sense, i listen. Peter is one of those people. And he is top tier. He never says a word unless it’s important. His ego is out of the picture. Anyone who cannot learn from his words, i admire.

Thanks to Brian Rose & Nic Gabriel for starting London Real, and thank you to Peter Sage for taking your time over & over again in interviews to provide us with such valuable insight. We can make the world a better place, and it is a hell of a lot easier to envisage that once you have heard Peter talk. Thank you, aptly named sir.

All the best,


Update | 2017-09-19 : Three years & Three months

Wow, what a ride! I thought i’d better update this.

  • The fierce guilt & anxiety i had in my stomach prior to my first Ayahuasca sessions in June 2014 never came back. I now do Ayahuasca once or twice per year at most.
  • The psoriasis never came back either.
  • After 5 or 6 x Ayahuasca i stopped liking wine and quit. I never drank a drop again. That was summer 2015.
  • On December 5th 2015, i tried “Sapito” / Bufo Alvarius / Toad Medicine for the first time and quit alcohol completely, effortlessly, instantly. Haven’t drank a drop since, i don’t miss it, i feel great without it, and i can spend all night in bars with friends without feeling any temptation whatsoever.
  • Sapito / Bufo Alvarius made me FEEL again, in my stomach, restoring the inner GPS. I have since learnt to feel love & light in my stomach, in my chest, and let it flow through my veins till my whole being feels fantastic. At this very moment i am struggling to get this back since i have closed up due to a long encounter with family members in a very toxic situation, however i know i still have this in me and will find a way to reach that state again soon. At present my emotions are blocked inside my head, as if i my mind didn’t let them flow down to my heart & stomach.
  • I have lost 20 Kg of fat and gained some muscle. I am way fitter than i have ever been, on my way to losing all belly fat and a 6-pack. I do crossfit 5 to 6 times per week. I eat mostly fruit, some vegetables. I still drink too much coffee, however, although i have made it thinner and quit milk maybe 18 months ago or so. My weight is ever so slowly dropping (almost nothing) while my muscular mass is increasing. I have had to buy new clothes 2 or 3 times and punch new holes in my belts several times.
  • In February 2017, due to a very emotional breakthrough chat with ace Business/Life Coach Josine Van Lith (from the group Tribe Shift), i started writing songs again after 10-12 years of writer’s block, and accepted that i deserved to be loved, and for the first time in my life met someone that i plain knew i could love completely. It was amazing. To this day, i can still let the music flow out of me. I have no doubt that the massive self-love boosts i got from these medicines played a part in this, but connecting to people in a deep no-holds-barred manner is tantamount to healing, IMO. I can honestly say that discovering the people in Tribe Shift is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love you, Josine! 🙂
  • For the past 18 months i have been organising Sapito sessions near me with the help of an experienced facilitator. I learnt with him and am now facilitating this medicine. It helps with depression, addiction, anxiety, self love issues, insomnia, etc.
  • Due to this blog and my YouTube channel (yannwithayahuasca), i am getting more and more positive comments and even complete strangers reaching out to me for advice, information or straight out help. People i do sessions with then bring their family members and ask to do more sessions, sometimes private ones, and then send me more people. Our Facebook group has grown from 2 people (us) to over 400. Videos i thought would be seen by 10 people have been now seen by thousands, i can hardly believe it. This blog was just a diary when it started. Now it’s attracting people and playing a small part in some massively good changes. I feel blessed and fortunate, grateful and happy. 🙂 Thank you.

My work on myself continues. My brother is still refusing to take anything but his “anti”-depressants…and he is getting more depressed, fatter, and has made no progress whatsoever that i can see. Meanwhile, i get to see depressed people become happier & peaceful, i see tormented faces become smiles. The irony of it all is a tad painful at times, yet i am glad i can play a tiny part in this chain of positive evolution some of us are choosing to experience. For that is what matters: your intention. Not that you believe in the method, just that you believe in yourself.

All the best,



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vegter Animus
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 11:53:58

    Hey Yann, I’m really glad that I stumbled across your site and thanks for checking out mine. You have a great style and approach. I’ve never tried aya but I hope to in the future. Your experience def brings a lot of insight and appreciate for the ancient ceremonial drink. All this legal hub bub about something so natural? Makes me all the more interested 😉

    Btw, it sounds like you have an English accent… How’d you end up in Mexico?


    • yannwithayahuasca
      Jul 27, 2014 @ 17:24:47

      Thanks, i like your blog too, it stands out. Your style & format are both way more pro than mine, good inspiration to improve my stuff. 😉
      I landed in Mex end of 2008 cos i had met a bird on facebook. Crazy story but i also really wanted to get out of Paris, where i had been for too long. Needed something new. No regrets there!
      If you want to try Aya in Mexico PM me here or on FB and i can recommend some folks if you need. You’re also welcome to drop by here, we’ve had lots of couch surfers over the years.
      Keep the cool articles coming.

      Btw, why you interested in Aya (PM) ?


  2. Alec
    Oct 23, 2018 @ 17:00:36

    HI yann, IM a 64 year old man and never smoked drank or done drugs in my life, a couple of years ago I got deeply into non dualism reading all the books videos etc.I got drawn to AYAHUASCA and a few weeks ago I attended a 3day retreat with 3 AYAHUASCA ceremonies and a BUFO on the morning after the first AYAHUASCA, it was a life changing weekend but I think you have to be drawn to it, I can understand everything you say about the BUFO and I think that we all get the same message from it but apparently I lay there like a baby while the next day I saw another guy scream his head off, I came out of it shouting fear what fucking fear, fear is just a thought, lift the fucking veil, the ego is the veil etc. on the last night AYAHUASCA was taken at 9.15pm and she kicked the living shit out of me till 7am but it was badly needed, a life changing weekend, but my question is since I cant afford to do it even annually what are your opinions on micro dosing on AYAHUASCA ?
    Cheers Alec.


    • yannwithayahuasca
      Nov 29, 2018 @ 04:54:06

      Hello Alec,
      Thank you for your message, Alec, it’s nice to hear from you. 🙂
      Apologies for the late reply, i do not often get a chance to check out the comments here or to reply to them, email (contact section) is still best to get hold of me. I admit that can be slow too. 😉
      First off, i’d like to warn you and anyone else reading this that taking MAOIs and/or Ayahuasca and then doing something like Bufo Alvarius presents a risk of serotonin poisoning, something that can be lethal. Practitioners who offer this mix, in that precise order, are usually simply ignorant of this fact, however even when informed of it they sometimes keep doing it. You can do Bufo first, wait a few hours or a few days, and then do Ayahuasca, that is fine, because the Bufo remains in you for only about an hour or so. Make it 2 to be safe. I would like to add that Bufo is quite strong enough as it is, and does not require mixing with anyone to make it even more intense. These medicines are strong stuff and do not require any “enhancements” or mixes, each one should IMO be taken one by one. In our western societies we want everything quickly, instantly, and this lack of patience has no limits. It took me a long time to understand this. I think Ayahuasca, when it “fails” to provide the experience we were expecting (visions, something strong), was simply opening us up gently and maybe teaching us patience. The expectation itself kind of proves the lack of patience. It may also demonstrate a lack of faith, in oneself, or in the Universe/God/Nature…and thus in the medicine. I now think that us practitioners need to spread this information and educate people as to the need for this patience; if it takes you 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies to get visions then so be it, keep on working. But don’t mix it with Bufo unnecessarily. Agreed, not everyone can take Ayahuasca 10x…but it is impossible to know if that will be required anyway.

      I think we all get different messages from the Bufo, almost every experience is different and every person’s needs are different, plus they change constantly. So everyone receives something a bit or very different. There are things in common, usually, of course. But when we’ve done these things once or twice we tend to consider that everyone will have the same experience as us. It is not so.
      I have facilitated this medicine for hundreds of people now and i have seen and heard a very wide range of reactions and stories. Very wide indeed. 😉

      Your next experiences will most probably be completely different. You may feal fear, maybe you won’t. Who knows?

      I have briefly tried microdosing Ayahuasca, too briefly to really have any form of idea about it. I would say it is a good thing, however, as long as you stick to doing it on an empty stomach, no coffee at all, no dairy, no oil for at least a few hours, and no meat. Best to avoid sex too. If you start seeing things, lower the dose. Microdosing means below the noticeable short-term effects. I’d do it for a couple of weeks and see. Then maybe extend for a month.
      You cannot, IMO, microdose Bufo, however. Just in case anyone reading this was wondering.
      You can microdose Kambo, though, which is rather interesting. I intend to try that at some point in 2019. I will post here when i have done.

      Alec, i hope that helps a bit. Feel free to reply here to email me via the contact section of this blog should you have any further questions or comments. 🙂
      All the best to you.


  3. Dobri
    May 31, 2020 @ 08:30:01

    Hello Yann,

    Have you read “Those Wrecked by Success” by Freud? It’s an amazing text…
    “People occasionally fall ill precisely when a deeply-rooted and long-cherished wish has come to fulfilment. It seems then as though they were not able to tolerate their happiness; for there can be no question that there is a causal connection between their success and their falling ill.”

    I happened to find your “My cry for help : how can i help my sabotaging family?” when searching for procrastination and 5-MeO-DMT…


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