New scientific study says 5-MeO-DMT enhances well-being

A big thank you to all of you who kindly accepted to participate in this scientific study! 🙏🏻💚🐸

And 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to M. for this massive piece of work. 🙏🏻😌💚

This study was done partly with data collected at our sessions, with our clients, both prior to their experience and after it. 😎👍🏻


And here is an update, in the form of a statement by the author of the study, due to articles such as this one being a bit too simplistic and misleading, it seems :

An Open letter to Octavio Rettig and Dr Gerry Sandoval — here it is

It’s here.

A collective of concerned people close to the entheogenic “community” has been working for many months on an open letter denouncing alleged malpractice from the two most famous facilitators of Bufo Alvarius / “toad medecine” (not to be confused with Kambo, ie “frog medecine”).
The idea is to get as many people aware of the dangers involved with being served medicine by these two facilitators. If you agree with the letter then you are invited to sign it, and to pass it on to other people interested in these things. Hopefully organisers will stop working with them and they shall change their ways or stop causing harm.

Since i am kind of mentioned in it but not named, i shall take this opportunity to add a tiny bit of detail to the story about the most recent death we know of in the Octavio camp, Araceli, better known to her friends & i as ‘Chely’, as she would also call herself.

I am the facilitator who gave her Bufo prior to her visit with Octavio. I gave her the medicine approximately 3 or 4 times, and also served her widowed husband 4 times, as well as both of her children, plus two cousins and multiple friends on various occasions. This took place in Leon and Guanajuato, state of Guanajuato, Mexico, where she lived…and also died. The last time i saw her was outside her father’s house, after serving a cousin of hers. She hugged me, said something very nice to me along the lines of ‘you are an angel’, while i was just thinking the same of her. That was my last thought in her presence : you are an angel. She was nice, you know. It still gets to me, you know, the throat, and the saltwater in the eyes. I can still feel that last hug. She was a very sweet person.

She & her husband also came to my house in Guanajuato for a magical Ayahuasca ceremony with Lila & Laura Sanchez from Pucallpa, Peru. We had 18 attendees that night, including myself, plus their assistant, Claude. Twenty one people in my lounge…and it was absolutely freezing…not ideal, but everyone left enchanted by the experience.

Araceli died on October 5, 2018, in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, at a session organised by an aquaintance of mine, Chito, a good guy IMO, who has apparently screwed up big time in this precise case. I say this because it seems that he and the other organiser waited 90 to 120 minutes before calling an ambulance, deliberately chose not to call a public ambulance to avoid legal issues, and may have waited for Chely to die before even calling the ambulance at all. The organisers also forged Chely’s signature on the disclaimer, and claimed in testimony to the police that she had signed it in front of a public notary, which is a blatant lie, there was no notary present at the session, naturally.
So quite a string of screw-ups from the organisers, there. All to, seemingly, cover Octavio’s arse, as well as their own, i’d imagine. Who knows what i would have done in their shoes, but i would certainly not have waited to call the ambulance. That is a disgrace and highly regrettable.

I had served Chely several times, without any sign of complication whatsoever. The last session i did serving her, she was released of ‘a weight of 20 kg’, she said, when some strong energies seemed to leave her body in what ressembled an exorcism session from a movie. I immediately felt a very strong drop of energy in myself, and as soon as i left the house i noticed i had a fever. The fever was very strong and stayed with me for days, i spent 2 nights sweating like crazy. Since then i have found ways to protect myself better, of course, whilst still helping people to release what they need to release. Of course, the medicine is doing most of the work, but there are things one can do whilst in session to help people release further. And little by little i am discovering these things and applying them when i believe they can help. Despite the fever, i don’t regret serving her, naturally.

Of course, Octavio has seen way more people than most, so some are temped to say that having all of these issues is just a statistical probability. The problem with that is that if you gather all the dozens, no, hundreds of other facilitators, they have collectively seen many times the amount of people seen by Octavio. Yet, still, the only reports of deaths, complications, abuse & so on, come from Octavio and this ‘Dr Gerry’. Funny how the most famous ones, the only ones really REALLY trying to promote themselves, are the most crooked & dangerous ones. The ones where the ego prevails over everything else. And they have 4 letters in common, strangely enough : rape / rapé.

No one knows what can happen when you’re facilitating this sort of medicine. But our role, as facilitators, is precisely to FACILITATE, not to make it harder or more dangerous. Octavio, of course, has no issue being called a ‘shaman’, so maybe in his world shamans don’t need to facilitate, i dunno. The guy really seems to have a messiah complex and a massive ego hiding what i’d guess is a massive trauma. He allegedly recently did a session just after taking magic mushrooms, and also smokes a lot of weed, allegedly causing paranoya in him. One person even told me that at one point he thought i had conspired with his Czech girlfriend/ex to evict him from the Czech Republic, by ‘moving energies’ or something. I have since been assured that, no, he doesn’t think that, because he thinks only of himself anyway. Well, he has me reassured. 😉

One of my clients summed up Octavio more aptly than i ever could, so i’ve asked her for permission to quote her, but unfortunately i cannot play her audio message anymore…some kind of bug in the WhatsApp backup maybe. Anyway, it went something along the lines of Octavio making people stand because he’s a macho and this is the ultimate macho step, like a warrior. She also managed to get the idea across that he was a total twat, but i’m not as gifted as her.

Dr Gerry differs from Octavio Rettig in that Octavio doesn’t seem to be malevolent, only egotistical and selfish. Geraldo Sandoval, on the other hand, seems to be a rather dark character, now trailing behind him various accusations of rape, drugging, fraud, lying, kidnapping, you name it, he’s accused of it. Not legally, but semi-publicly at least. I wouldn’t go near him, personally. I have shaken Octavio’s hand, i wouldn’t go that far with Gerry. No way José ! Dr Gerry is probably THE worst facilitator you can go with. No one else, to my knowledge, is alleged to have done so many nasty things, plus he is the most expensive i know of. Another thing they have in common : they are both pretty much the most expensive on the market.
However, one year ago, Dr Gerry had to lower his price in Prague from 300 € to 150 €, possibly due to his reputation leaking a bit…we had warned the organisers of his session about him but they still went ahead with the sessions. That was in March 2018. If you were there, the organisers don’t give a fuck about you, apparently. Hopefully after this open letter they will take these things a little more seriously.

Some people in Octavio’s camp have attempted to spread rumors about me and other people working where Octavio does, especially in Prague after the screening of the Bufo Alvarius Underground Secret movie. That calmed down once Octavio got evicted from the Czech Republic and his girlfriend/ex went public saying he was not fit to work as a facilitator. She’s a psychologist. Let that sink in.
Anyway, since he got evicted, i stopped being a ‘competitor’ and they stopped lying about me to scare people away from me. People close to Octavio also did this to my Mexican colleague, Daniel Cortes, because he practices very low prices and has been to South America about 4 or 5 times over the course of 18 months, apparently causing some of Octavio’s sessions there to be cancelled due to insufficient demand.

Dr Gerry has allegedly stolen a LOT of money from donators, who had intended that money to ‘protect the toads’. Heck, even i almost donated to this crazy motherfucker, years ago when i first saw his Facebook ad campaign to build a ranch in Sonora. I thought it was a brilliant idea. He has since then received the money, buggered off & spent it, done that a few times, and still no ranch to be seen. He still runs the same ad campaign on Facebook though.

And a few last words…

My own personal message to Octavio Rettig is this, just in case he’s reading : I wish you all the best. I think you need some serious help. You should probably not be facilitating these days, if at all. Unless you change your “methods” then you seem to be a menace. To people, to the medicine maybe also. If i could help you i would, but i’m not even sure Bufo would help you because you don’t seem to want to fix anything. You don’t seem interested in learning. Good luck to you, Octavio!

My own personal message to ‘Dr Gerry’ Sandoval : wow, what a fuckup you seem to be. I have no clue how to help you, but i really wish you all the best in somehow overcoming these demons and finding a path of maybe more truth & honesty, with much less harm to others. You should seek shamanic help, maybe. And lots of other forms of help, possibly too. You should definitely NOT be serving anyone, in fact you probably shouldn’t be interacting with anyone except a shaman or a very good shrink. Good luck to you too, Geraldo.
P.S. One guy i bumped into called you a ‘spiritual thief’. I don’t know how one can beat that. It’s time to get help, mate. You are widely considered an utter scumbag. That’s the sign it’s time to do something to change. 😉

And, more importantly, all the best to all of you, everywhere, humans, aliens, plants, everythin. 😉
Let’s do our best to find higher vibrations within so we can spread them without.

Love to all.