You probably have this problem too, but you don’t know it

Luckily, it’s a 3 minute fix.

Unfortunately, it involves being fingered rectally by a stranger. And it hurts.

But, what can i tell you? It’s worth it. 😉

So i had this problem. I could not walk normally, but didn’t know it.
This issue likely caused the knee pain i experienced in recent months. It likely caused the ‘blocked energy on the right side’ of my body (as mentioned by various professionals), ie the masculine side. And it was causing my whole body to be twisted, without me even realising.

I’m assuming that this was having a strong detrimental effect on me, physically for certain, and probably mentally/energetically too. There is nothing but energy, so if it’s affecting the flow of energy, it is affecting all of you.

The irony in all of this is that i had the solution in the palm of my hands two years ago. This topic of having the solutions has been recurring in my life for many months, ever since an Ayahuasca ceremony back in November 2019. So it begs the question: if i have the solution to the problem but refuse to see it or use it, am i not creating my own problem?
Of course, the answer is yes. And this always brings me back to a great, catchy song (that i happen to be recording at the moment) by the late great George Harrison : This Is Love.
‘Since our problems have been our own creation, they also can be overcome’.

About 2 years ago, i visited a person who does great massage + harmonization (in Prague, CZ), and she told me that i should get my tailbone adjusted. I did nothing about it.

A few months ago, i returned to see her and she told me again.
She doesn’t make recommendations lighlty, so this time i took it seriously & booked an appointment. The Dr doesn’t speak English so i had to ask a friend to translate.

Well it turns out my translating friend, also a masseuse, realised during my first consultation that she too had the problem. It seems it is very common, never diagnosed, or is misdiagnosed, mistreated, and rarely ever addressed or fixed.

So what was the problem?

In the below video, you will see the visible symptoms i had before the tailbone got adjusted back into place. The non-visible symptoms were discomfort whilst walking, feeling ‘stuck’ and not understanding why, and also just not feeling very energetic.

What happens is that very many of us fall on our tailbone when we are children, or we knock it somehow. 70-80% of cases are linked to our childhood. Which means we might stay with this undiagnosed problem for literally decades.

I know for sure that i was stuck with this issue for at least 3 years because i noticed the misalignment of my feet during Crossfit back in Mexico in 2017, when i was doing deadlifts. I simply wasn’t comfortable doing a deadlift with my feet aligned, or my waist parallel to the bar. I had to be twisted to feel comfortable. That was because my hip bones were no longer mobile.

You see, when the tailbone gets knocked, it stays stuck. That’s because it is surrounded by muscles that can work only one way, down, not up. So, unlike cats or dogs, we cannot move our tailbone. It’s where it is, and that’s it. If it gets moved inwards, we cannot move it back into it’s original position.
That’s what happens when you don’t use your tail : nature ceases to “invest” in muscles for it, and we lost the muscles we used to have when we’d move it.

So these muscles pull the end of the tailbone in, and move bones that then get in the way of the two hipbones, left & right. These hipbones can normally rotate back & forth, when we walk for example. In my case, they could no longer do that. So, as to preserve mobility of the whole body and make it possible for me to walk, my incredibly smart brain found a workaround: it rotated the waist instead, making me walk like some kind of strangely designed robot. But i could walk!

Now i can walk normally, i can still feel something strange in the right hip, but i suppose that will fade away now that everything is where it’s supposed to be.
I am not allowed to sit down for 24 hours, for fear of putting the tailbone back where it was. No exercise either for 4 days, which is a bit of a nuisance because i feel more energy now and i want to get more things done!

How is it fixed?

Well, that wasn’t pleasant.

First of all, the therapist was a dude, and if i’m being touched down there i prefer when it’s a hot woman. Call me shallow.

I’m not going to paint the picture for you in too much detail, because i myself am doing my best to send it on a one-way ticket to the past. And i am going to extend the ‘no sitting’ period for an extra 12h just to make sure i do not fuck it up & have to go through that again.

1) In he goes
2) Breathe in, while you slightly contract those muscles down there…
3) Breathe out, and relax them.
4) As you breathe out, he pulls the tailbone back into position a bit, which stretches the muscles holding it down. These muscles need to have their tension released or the tailbone cannot get back into its normal position.
5) Repeat 6 or 7 times.
6) Every time gets a bit more painful.
7) He fiiinaaalllly takes it out.

All of that takes a 3 minute eternity, but…hey presto, it works!

Sure enough, as soon as that is done, he checks the hipbones for free movement, and you can see that your feet are aligned and you feel…weird…but better!

I don’t know at what point in their lives people decide ‘yep, that’s the job for me!’, but i think i will never understand them anyway. Fair enough, we need them! I never thought i’d say this, but here goes: i am grateful that some people decide to put their fingets up people’s arseholes for a living. There, it’s been said!

As for what the whole list of benefits is, it’s way too early to say. But i feel more energised, and i feel like going to the gym! I can’t but, it’s a nice feeling.

They say that the right side of the body is the masculine energy. For the past few months, things got pretty bad with my partner because she was feeling too much in the masculine and not feeling me enough in mine. Sure, she had issues with that before she even met me, and i’ve never had this issue with other women, but still, we pressed each other’s buttons. And while she wanted my masculine to overpower hers, i didn’t. I’m used to having women surrender to me & want me to ravish them (not all the time, sadly, only in a relationship 😉 ). So when her masculine came up & started fighting mine, i was pretty confused. ‘Should i fight or not?’ was how i felt sometimes, when i felt resistance towards my attempts to take her.
It turns out my masculine energy was apparently not exactly helped by these blocked bones. However, it is something that needed working on anyway. Hence why i’ve taken up a martial art, and i’m going to do some work on the father’s “legacy” with a dear friend & colleague, my Frog Brother Vojta. Hard work that just needs to be done. Who knows how long it will take. It seems this partner of mine & i attracted each other perfectly. She has work to do on her side, and i have work to do on mine. We can be grateful we found out, and grateful we have the opportunity to do something about it! 🙂

Interesting how connecting more with this masculine energy just attracts me even more to the feminine. Quite logical.

These are interesting times for me. Lots of things are moving inside & out, many more than i could have ever imagined.

Strangely enough, between this tailbone thing & the internal De-armouring scheduled for soon, lots seems to be turning around my “root chakra”, if you see what i mean.
It turns out it did need some attention. 😀

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  1. Roman
    Aug 21, 2020 @ 05:08:08

    Hi Yann,

    I was at my Dorn therapist’s yesterday and I asked her about her method and tailbone fixing. I don’t know if it’s true but she told me that her method is same effective as the method you described. The difference is that the Dorn therapist is working from the outside and there’s much less pain.

    BTW: Bufo experience with you was one of the most important things in my life, thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Liberec,


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