It’s already been FOUR YEARS since Ayahuasca! What has changed in my life?

Wow, i can’t believe it has already been this long!

I first took Ayahuasca in June 2014, it is now August 2018, and everything is changing, more & more quickly!

The list of changes is probably longer now than what hasn’t changed. From health & fitness to self confidence through a complete change of jobs…i hardly know where to start.
I shall upload longer more detailed versions but, for now, here is the very short version : FOUR YEARS IN FOUR MINUTES.

My review of 2 pre-workout products : Muscletech Neurocore and Nano Sport Technologies (NST) PRE WOD.

I’ve been doing crossfit for about 5 months now and i’ve lost a LOT of fat, put on some muscle, and lost a small amount of weight. I did that without using any pre-workout products. When i started to need more exercise a couple of weeks ago, i looked for things to give me that extra boost and up my performance a bit.
I asked around, and i tested these two products. They are the same in just about every way.
Do they work?
Are they healthy?
What results can you expect? Are there better alternatives? I give a good free tip that absolutely works for me, here in the video. And guess what, it’s free and non-toxic.


Crossfit vs Fasting !

The chances are, if you’re on this blog, you’ve heard of intermittent fasting or of plain fasting. No food, just water, for 40 days. That sort of thing. Yes, it has been done.
And maybe you’re looking for a way to lose some of those tacos you shouldn’t have eaten. Or maybe you could have eaten them had you also been moving your arse a bit. But you didn’t. Well, i’ve tried both fasting and crossfit, and i’m also doing intermittent fasting. So here’s my take on it. Unless you know why you are fasting, i’d really recommend you don’t. Here’s why:


Are you depressed ? GOOD !


I wish someone had told me this.

Depression is usually viewed as a bad thing. And that’s the problem.

Depression is just the same as any other feeling : it’s your inner guiding system doing its job. When you’re in your car and your GPS tells you ‘WARNING! DANGER AHEAD! TURN ROUND AT ONCE!’, you don’t just ignore it and put in ear plugs. So why would you do that with how you feel about your own life ?

In this short video i explain why depression is actually a good thing and why you should do all you can to NOT ignore it and NOT hide it under a traitorous veil of so-called “anti”-depressants. I also give you a few quick tips on how to deal with it short term to improve your life.

Want to feel better ? Your inner beacon is the key. Listen to it and use it to your advantage.

My 66 Day Challenge : to work out every day

On April 25th 2016 i decided to take up a self-suggested 66 day challenge to exercise every single day.
Here i will post “Vlog” updates – that’s video logs i think – now & then.
I am now on day 22, ie 33% through. How do i feel ? Have i lost weight ? Am i gaining muscle ?
What is my routine ?
My weight is stable, but…

Quick reminder : before May 10th 2014, which is when i first watched Dan Pena & Peter Sage and started running & eating better (and soon did Ayahuasca), i was 83 Kg. I am 68 Kg (2016-05-16).

Vlog from April 28th (2016) – Day 4 :

Vlog from May 16th – Day 22 :


Vlog from June 14th – Day 53 :

Before and after photos will be posted on Day 66 right here. Subscribe to this blog and/or the YouTube channel for updates.


Two years in, what has changed ?

Two years & one day ago, everything started to change for me. It was like a shock. I was gobsmacked – for 3 days. Then i got up off my arse and ran. And lost weight. And felt overwhelmed with incompatible feelings and it felt wonderful. Thank you Peter Sage and Dan Pena for showing me it is possible to not be a victim, i had no clue. No clue i was one, and no clue i could not be.
Two years have gone by, amazingly, and i have experienced Ayahuasca 11 times, shrooms 4 or 5 times, Peyote once, Kambo twice and Bufo Alvarius twice.
But what has changed ?


How to lose weight without losing muscle

Day 17 of my 66 day challenge to myself : exercise every day. Weight is stable but the blubber is melting.

It is really quite easy. Strain your muscles and eat protein right afterwards. That’s it in a nutshell.
For more details on how i am doing it, you have a long video and a short one, make your pick.

Long version

Short version


High quality vitamins at -50% : Vivioptal — huge discount

If you are in Europe and you want high quality vitamins, you may have heard of VIVIOPTAL, a German formula. These are very costly, at almost 100 € per box of 90 caps.

Vivioptal-capsules-1_small I have located boxes of 105 caps and i am selling them for just 50 €. They are the original product, of course. I will be travelling to Europe in a few days, so if you want some, let me know and i will bring them over and post them to you from France.
If you order several boxes, i can reduce the price a little more.

If you are reading this after August 5th 2015, no worries : you can still get them at -50% but it may take a week or two longer to get them.

If you are interested, please contact me via Facebook or leave a comment here with an email address or a link to your Facebook page. Your details will be deleted from the comments section upon request.

Thank you for your attention.

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French / Français

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Pour ceux qui connaissent déjà ou qui cherchent le haut de gamme en matière de vitamines, j’offre des boites de 105 gélules de Vivioptal (marque et formule Allemande). Il s’agit bien évidemment de produits authentiques et originaux. Les boites de 90 gélules coûtent en Europe autour de 100 €, je vends des boites de 105 gélules à 50 €.
Si vous voulez plusieurs boîtes, je peux réduire encore un peu le prix. L’envoi se ferait de France, ou vous pourrez passer les prendre sans frais si vous êtes en région parisienne.

Me contacter via Facebook ou ici via les commentaires, svp.



Curing the itch in my foot

Before i changed my diet (see the ‘knee pain‘ episode), i used to have this chronic itch in my left heel.
Never anywhere else, never on the right foot, never elsewhere than that bloody left heel. I would sometimes have to remove my left shoe to deal with the itch and because of that i would usually carry around a slightly pointy object in case i needed to scratch it (the end of a pen’s cap can do the job).
I would get the itch at any time of day, but for sure when i went to bed i would need to scratch it frantically. Wearing thick socks was frustrating because i couldn’t scratch it as well, and without socks it would be too abrasive.
I can’t prove this scientifically but i think it is related to alcohol consumption. It came back not long ago, after i’d been drinking for 4 evenings straight, and since i’ve stopped it has disappeared again. Before my diet change i would drink beer/wine several times a week sometimes. In summer it wasn’t rare that i would drink 3 or 4 beers in a day.

I almost miss it : that’s how present it was and how absent it is. I had been living with it for years, and it felt like it was getting worse.
Oh, and guess what : it was the same leg as my knee pain, which left in 3 days when i changed my eating habits & quit alcohol.

So, yes, it’s hard to tell whether it was just the alcohol or any combination of other things, but it’s gone, and i’m not feeling too nostalgic. 😉
How many people would have gone to their doctor for this ? How many doctors do you think would have recommended the steps i took ? How many would have prescribed some garbage chemical instead of natural foods and actually searching for the real cause ?

Edit : that point in the left foot points to the intestine. It could make sense that it was itching me because the foods & liquids i was ingesting were irritating/inflaming that organ.

How to lose weight without a diet, pills or drugs (part 1) | 2014-07-26

The most important thing to know for anyone who wants to lose weight.
Has nothing to do with Ayahuasca, by the way, or nutrition or exercise.
I lost 8 kg in 6 weeks and have lost more since thanks to this.

Be sure to see my update and correction in the video below this one.
Reference mentioned in the video :

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – long version

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – short version