Coming soon

Because day after day i notice new things and my feelings evolve i will post updates of how i feel way after these ceremonies.

Psychological & physical effects will be discussed and, when possible, shown.

I am also adding new pages with written articles.

Peace to all.


July 24th 2015
I am investigating various substances that seem to be at least as interesting as Ayahuasca : Iboga, toad medicines such as Sapo BUFO and Kambo, mushrooms and even LSD, none of which i have ever tried. Of course, i will try all of them legally, if at all…
Whilst you cannot microdose Kambo, it seems, you can microdose Iboga and LSD. It looks like athletes microdose LSD for improved reflexes & more stamina without the rainbow elephants or people in the sky with diamonds. People claim to have been able to learn new languages in a month with this method. Writers & painters use it. What’s more, LSD is cheap. You need so little that the cost of production for one dose is very low. It is very complex & difficult to produce, however : you really do need a Breaking Bad style lab. Sadly, governments, in their struggle to ever more enslave the People, have decided that being creative is a very very bad thing. If sending you to school wasn’t enough to crush your entire creativity, don’t go and think that your ever-protecting State will let you find a way to pump it back up. The State really is the biggest enemy of mankind. And mankind built it. ‘Since our problems have been our own creation, they also can be overcome’, sang George Harrison in ‘This is Love’ (Cloud 9 LP). Iboga supposedly gives you the answers to anything you may ask. No guessing as with Ayahuasca, straightforward clear-cut answers. I am tempted to ask him (Iboga’s a He, they say, unlike Ayahuasca) how to bring down the State peacefully. Altogether now.

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