On the other side of gratitude

The Gratitude Guide

The Gratitude Guide, a handbook to more happiness in life, by Mr Jacob J Zylka-Zebracki

No râpé today, but still, some insights.

Finding gratitude in the ‘face of adversity’ may be the hardest thing right after self-acceptance, so-called “self-love”.
I have come to believe that it is our mission, in our best interest, in the best interest of life, of the universe’s thriving forces, in the best interest of joy & happiness, that we find gratitude, somehow, in the hard times. It implies ‘trusting the process’, trusting the Universe, trusting ‘God’. By the way, if the word ‘God’ bothers you, as i know it does some people, especially Atheists, then simply give it a meaning you can live with, something that doesn’t frustrate you or annoy you. It really is up to you what meaning you put in there. Have you pondered that maybe it bothers you because you don’t know what meaning to put into it? That you are disconnected from this Power, this Source of Everything, All of Consciousness combined? I don’t know, quite frankly, that’s your problem & for you to figure out. For your own sake, try to, though. Because we DO all come from the same Source, whether you want it or not, whether you believe it or not, and all Consciousness therefore comes from the same source too. And everything is connected to everything. There is nothing ‘separate’ in the Universe.

Back to our theme, though: gratitude when it’s not easy.

When we fail to find this gratitude, and i say this without judging those of us (including me) who do, we render ourselves victims of the circumstances. It means that a) we feel sorry for ourselves, b) we probably deny or don’t realize the part we played in attracting those said circumstances, and c) we are failing to trust the process, to trust God. Now i’m not a religious person, i’m neither Catholic nor Buddhist nor Jewish nor any of those things. I think that they are quite incompatible with spirituality. They are an easy trap to fall into, yes, but a trap nevertheless. Just my opinion, however, so don’t get too upset with me should you view things differently. Remember? Gratitude for our hardships! Oh, it is sooo hard to accept that people disagree with me on the obvious! SOOO hard! 😉

I have found, especially in the last few days, that by seeking gratitude, even for things that are, IMO, creating frustration for me, pretty f***ing strong frustration too (and i use those words deliberately…), that i create a learning and growth. I am only better off for it. What lies on the other side of gratitude is growth, and something a whole lot better than what i thought i was missing or lacking, or wanting. Ok, i still want to do those things, that hasn’t disappeared, but had i not gone through this frustration/problem and sought out the gratitude, i would have missed out on something a whole lot deeper & more beneficial to my Being & existence!

I’m not certain i can explain this further right now, so maybe try it. You can find meditations & advice on how to feel grateful quite easily should you want it. Search & you shall find. Try it & let me know how it went, why not? You can comment below, or email me from the contact section. 🙂

Be well, shine on, and let the world see & feel how friggin brilliant & lovely you are! 🙂

P.S. The book in the picture is a good place to start, and you can order it here (US) or here (UK/Europe). These are not affiliate links, the author is however a good friend and i hope to have him interviewed for this blog or for a podcast sometime this year.
I put this book in the ‘MUST READ in a lifetime’ category. Something that would be compulsory at school, were school about teaching & growing. Something every child & every adult should refer to on rough days or nights. Something we should all practice, for our own good, and that of all.