Heck this makes sense ! And i don’t even believe in it !

You know “Karma” and all that stuff?
Yes, you’ve guessed it : i’m a little hermetic to all of that, a lot of people in the West seem to be.
Yet you know what, this list of 12 really took me by surprise.

But i’ll let you be the judge, why not?


[Edit : the above link has since died, here is one that works

How to lose weight without a diet, pills or drugs (part 1) | 2014-07-26

The most important thing to know for anyone who wants to lose weight.
Has nothing to do with Ayahuasca, by the way, or nutrition or exercise.
I lost 8 kg in 6 weeks and have lost more since thanks to this.

Be sure to see my update and correction in the video below this one.
Reference mentioned in the video : http://www.londonreal.tv/episodes/peter-sage

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – long version

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – short version


The myths of Ayahuasca — 2014-07-24

The myths of Ayahuasca.
Soiling your pants and endless vomiting.
For many more myths, feel free to read the page of the same name here on my blog (link in the menu above).


The Brew — 2014-07-24

What does Ayahuasca taste like?
Why can its taste vary from one dose to the next?
Is the bad taste correlated with our resistance to the process?
For more, feel free to read the page of the same name here on my blog (link in the menu above).


Episode 9.6 — Physical symptoms after Three | 2014-07-23

The psoriasis hasn’t improved this time, contrary to my first experience. My knee pain has gone completely but i think that is due to the change of diet, and my cough disappeared for a day or two but is back, although not quite as bad.


Icaros (mp3) ! :-)


How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness

“Is there a natural herb or treatment to detox from fluoride, mercury, and pineal gland calcification?
Besides ratfish or skatefish liver oil which has been found to gradually help decalcify the pineal gland over time, the natural rootbark of Iboga has been shown to do wonders on the pineal gland and overall fluoride and mercury detoxification. At an Iboga treatment center, there have been several patients who have come for mercury poisoning specifically and many showing signs of toxic poisoning. Many of these people have said they feel disconnected from themselves without enough will or strength to break free. Some call this depersonalization disorder.

After two iboga treatments, the first of which is meant to detox the body of fluoride and other toxins including candida, herpes, and other viral and bacteria loads which “officially” are incurable, the second iboga journey is meant to take you on a psycho-spiritual journey to face yourself and clear your mind in an even greater way. Most people receive this experience in some form or another, but some may require additional treatment, especially if they do not surrender to the experience or have many years of toxic bodies and minds.”



Episode 9.5 — The Challenges | 2014-07-21

Two days after ceremony three, reality starts to kick in and the true challenges show their necessary head.


Episode 9 — After Three | 2014-07-19

A detailed account of the most profound experience so far : ceremony 3, in Queretaro.
Kissing flowers, remembering how to say thank you, and saying i love you to your dearest.



Episode 8.5 — Almost Three | 2014-07-19

Ayahuasca ceremony 3 is just about to begin. Lovely location. Great ceremony for all. 🙂

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