Organic coconut oil — cheap !

I do apologise for the two commercial posts the same day, but rest assured it shall not become a habit !
I will be travelling to Europe in a few days and i usually go with an empty suitcase. It’s the perfect opportunity to take things that are cheaper than in Europe.
Apart from the Vivioptal high grade vitamins (-50%), i have some great organic coconut oil. This retails for 3 to 4 times the price in Europe.
The brand is Haynes, it is cold-pressed, organic and unrefined, which is the best way to have it.
Each box is 1.5 Liters (around 2 Kg) and costs just 29 €.
If you order 2 or more the price goes down to 25 € each.

You have 5 days to let me know how many you want. I will be shipping from France, or if you are in the Paris area i can hand it over to you at no cost.

Message me through Facebook or leave a comment with your details.

All the best !

Je vous propose de l’huile de coco bio et non-raffinée, pressée à froid : le top de l’huile de coco.
Le produit fait 1,5 litres (environ 2 Kg) et ne coûte que 29 €.
A partir de 2 produits le prix passe à 25 €.
Comparez avec votre boutique bio ou avec le net, vous verrez que cela coûte généralement au moins 3 ou 4 fois plus.
La marque est Haynes.

A votre dispo via Facebook ou via un commentaire sur cette page.

High quality vitamins at -50% : Vivioptal — huge discount

If you are in Europe and you want high quality vitamins, you may have heard of VIVIOPTAL, a German formula. These are very costly, at almost 100 € per box of 90 caps.

Vivioptal-capsules-1_small I have located boxes of 105 caps and i am selling them for just 50 €. They are the original product, of course. I will be travelling to Europe in a few days, so if you want some, let me know and i will bring them over and post them to you from France.
If you order several boxes, i can reduce the price a little more.

If you are reading this after August 5th 2015, no worries : you can still get them at -50% but it may take a week or two longer to get them.

If you are interested, please contact me via Facebook or leave a comment here with an email address or a link to your Facebook page. Your details will be deleted from the comments section upon request.

Thank you for your attention.

All the best,



French / Français

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Pour ceux qui connaissent déjà ou qui cherchent le haut de gamme en matière de vitamines, j’offre des boites de 105 gélules de Vivioptal (marque et formule Allemande). Il s’agit bien évidemment de produits authentiques et originaux. Les boites de 90 gélules coûtent en Europe autour de 100 €, je vends des boites de 105 gélules à 50 €.
Si vous voulez plusieurs boîtes, je peux réduire encore un peu le prix. L’envoi se ferait de France, ou vous pourrez passer les prendre sans frais si vous êtes en région parisienne.

Me contacter via Facebook ou ici via les commentaires, svp.



Ayahuasca n°4 — October 16th, 2014

Finally, 9 months late, i have decided to upload the videos & photos from ceremony 4.

Below you will find a very detailed account of the ceremony.

It was performed in Mexico, just outside Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, with a Taita named Janssasoy (i hope i got the spelling right), from Columbia. He’s a nice guy and his medecina tasted stronger than what i had tried previously, and we were given smaller doses than what i had been accustomed to : a good thing when you dislike the taste as much as i do.

Looking back on n°4, i would say that i failed to put enough intention into the opportunity and maybe that’s why i didn’t seem to get that much out of it. I felt less peaceful afterwards, and for less time, but i did have a very pleasant ceremony. No visions to speak of, but hours of being in that nice loving place. Whether i realized or not during & after, i believe that Ayahuasca does you good and works on you in the background for a long time after. One thing i learnt during n°6 was that i have not been eating properly prior to my ceremonies and that too may have affected the outcome of n°4.

Below are several videos of my thoughts and impressions throughout the experience, but first here are some photos of the location.

Just before [please forgive the video quality…phone…at night…] :

Just after :

A few days after :

The power of Chi — harnessing of the mind

[The video thumbnail is misleading, this video does not cover levitation, it covers healing people with your hands]

You probably won’t believe what you see in this video. I am still in shock, to be honest. I will research this, though, to find out, and i might even try to learn this technique one day. If we do potentially have these powers in us, we should be using them.


Can Ayahuasca cure psoriasis ?

I’ve had psoriasis on & off for at least 15 years i think. Until 3 weeks ago i had this very rough & itchy patch on my forearm, where it touches the desk while i work & use the mouse. I had to apply cream every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times, just to avoid the terrible itch.

When i returned from Ayahuasca n°6 i noticed it was not so dry, the skin was more supple, softer, and…no itch. I purposely avoided applying hydrating lotion to it, just to see if it would improve ‘on its own’.

See for yourself !


The Coffee Enema : why ? how ? does it work ?

[See video at the bottom of the page]

Yep, it’s weird having a tube stuck up your butt. I had never thought i would have to do this. After some research, however, it seemed like my best option.

Pancreas problems ? Diabolical diabetes ? Tired of feeling tired ? This enema is right up your alley.

Why ?

After being diagnosed with pancreas issues a short while ago, with roller-coaster style blood pressure readings and a total lack of energy that various naps during the day couldn’t cure, i decided to look up solutions for my pancreas problem. Of course, i had already reduced or eliminated the most problematic foods. But coffee was just too hard to get rid of. Or maybe i didn’t try. I used to really enjoy my morning coffee with cream/milk. Two things you should avoid in my case.

Before Ayahuasca n°6 on July 11th 2015 i hadn’t given up the coffee. And i would often feel pain in what i guess was my pancreas, as well as pain in the heart and sometimes the left arm. Scary shit. Part of the Ayahuasca preparation is to go off coffee & other things, and that applies a few days afterwards as well. Three days went by after the ceremony and i had my first sip of coffee. I immediately felt it very strongly in my head, as if i had developed a hypersensitivity to caffeine or something. Didn’t feel well.

As part of my findings, coffee enemas left me optimistic. The science behind it is that it triggers your liver to make bile and detox the body, something like that. Apparently that is hard science and not presently questioned.

Dosage & how to

I tried it with a couple of spoons of organic coffee in 1 litre of water. I use the coffee machine to prepare it : i set the water level to 4/12 and then add filtered water to the top, which is about the required litre. That cools it down to a roughly adequate temperature : you want it at body temp, ie 37°C, which will feel warm when you immerse a finger or hand in it. Of course, don’t immerse anything in the liquid you will be using unless that object is perfectly clean. You don’t want to mess about with dirty stuff up your bum, believe it or not.

You need to do this after going to the toilet, otherwise you will not get much in there and whatever was stuck up there might not stay there long enough for you to get back on the toilet. By the way, you perform this useful but slightly barbaric act lying on your back, preferably with an old towel spread on the floor. Don’t do it on your bed or you will stain it. Do it on a tiled/easily washable floor, as close as possible to the toilet. Do not under estimate the urgency of matters when they start to manifest.

You will need some lube to make that nozzle manageable ; applying lube to both parties is a good idea. You don’t want to rip anything, ok. Be gentle, and try twisting if it won’t just slide in. Two to three inches is what you’re aiming for.

Place the douche-bad / enema cup / whatever you are using about 12 inches above your level. I place mine on the closed toilet seat.

Performing this in two stages can be a good idea : during stage one use about 2/3 of the coffee and then go to the toilet to let it out. This may take a while but, believe me, it shall come. Phase two leaves you with 1/3 of the coffee to wash out whatever came down with phase one. Remember to lube the nozzle again, and also the other party involved.

Don’t expect any enjoyable smells from this, but the coffee should cover the worst of it.

I add a bottle top of colloidal silver to the coffee as an anti-bacterial.

The effects

From day one, immediately after the ordeal, i felt energized and in a much better mood. Hadn’t felt so energetic in months !
Day two i went running, something i had not done in months either.
I am now onto day 5 or 6 and every time i took it i have felt energized and in a better mood.

My pancreas no longer seems to hurt unless i actually drink coffee or ingest other things i shouldn’t be ingesting. I have found that since Ayahuasca n°6 i am no longer attracted to alcohol or things are probably bad for me. Meat, especially red meat, is now almost disgusting to me. I require something fresh in everything i eat. I have become sensitive to these things like never before. Until a week ago becoming a vegetarian was something i hadn’t even considered, now it seems very likely. Becoming a vegan is def a possibility.

I am off milk & dairy, even eggs are losing their appeal, sweet stuff is just a no-no now…and i thoroughly enjoy fresh fruit & vegetables. As if i were more in contact with my body and its needs. No doubt in my mind that i have Ayahuasca n°6 to thank for that.


Some folks say these things are dangerous, very dangerous. Even more people say they are harmless. Well, i don’t know, but so far i feel a whole lot better. What you do is up to you. Check what you need with who you want, i am not responsible for your actions, and wouldn’t be even if i had urged you to perform them. Do your homework and be responsible.

I have found that a good dose is 1 spoon (conical plastic coffee dosage spoon) and that 2 can give me a long lasting coffee buzz. So start low and see how it goes. Filter properly, you shouldn’t have any actual ground coffee in the water, so using a good paper filter and a machine works well. Plastic filters let through more residue. I use a paper filter over the plastic filter. If you don’t have paper filters, use paper napkins, that works just fine.


I think the recommended duration of the “treatment” is 4-6 weeks but i would be careful and do it for less time than that. Again, do your homework.

While Gerson used to recommend up to 6 enemas per day for his cancer patients, 1 is plenty for me. I can see how 2 could be useful, however it does require time and some organisation. You will also be in the bathroom quite some time, which can cause conflict with other members of the household as well as make you look like a freak.

Is it working for you ?

If you have tried this, then please post your testimony in the comments section so that others may benefit from them. Thank you.


Râpé : what is it ? what does it do ? how do you use it ?

Back in October, during Ayahuasca n°4, i bought a small box of râpé (that means ground, in French), which is ground tobacco, supposedly Mapacho from the Amazon, and in the case of mine, it has a bit of menthol added to it. You self administer it by blowing it up your nose. Gets you breathing like never before, and comes in very handy before ceremonies/sessions with so-called sacred medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, toad secretion (Sapo BUFO, Sapo Kambo), etc., where breathing is essential.
In this short video i show what it looks like, how to administer it to yourself, how to save money on the required pipe, and say a word or two about what you can expect.
I paid quite a high price for the small box you see on the video : 200 Pesos (MXN). I would recommend buying a bag of Mapacho and grinding yourself in a coffee grinder. Probably a thousand times cheaper. I bought mine from Andres, a guy who accompanies these Shamans & Taitas all over the world. The guy has what seems like a pretty good job. Travel + Ayahuasca every week…can’t be bad. 😉

I hope it’s of some use to you.