Some music for a change :-)

Hello everyone, for a change i am going to publish some music. The guy making it may seem familiar. šŸ˜‰
[UPDATE: after just an hour or so, someone hacked my account and/or deleted my channel! WTF! Here is a new link.]


This is how & why i became a facilitator of Bufo Alvarius (toad medicine / Sapito)

It’s already been FOUR YEARS since Ayahuasca! What has changed in my life?

Wow, i can’t believe it has already been this long!

I first took Ayahuasca in June 2014, it is now August 2018, and everything is changing, more & more quickly!

The list of changes is probably longer now than what hasn’t changed. From health & fitness to self confidence through a complete change of jobs…i hardly know where to start.
I shall upload longer more detailed versions but, for now, here is the very short version : FOUR YEARS IN FOUR MINUTES.