Q&A : Mr Mindset podcast with YannWithAyahuasca

My two appearances on the Mr Mindset podcast. Links below.

Some people are achievers and you can see it right away, by the way they stand, by how fit they are, and sometimes by how well they are trading through the waters of financial life.
Ondrej Maly, aka ‘Mr Mindset’, is one such character.

He was a client of mine, just over a year ago, came several times, then got a bit lost in it, and then came out of it seemingly a lot clearer. He has a growing following, understandably.

A few weeks back, he came to my small flat for what will hopefully just part 1 of a Q&A for his podcast, Mr Mindset.
You can listen for free below while you get on with your day.

We cover some of the basics about Bufo Alvarius & 5-MeO-DMT, its synthetic counterpart.

Click the link below to be taken straight to the Questions & Answers & hear me chat with Mr Mindset.


Update 23/12/2021

I was recently on the Mr Mindset podcast with Ondrej, and this time we spoke not only about Bufo Alvarius but also the current situation, and crypto too, plus probably a few other things along the way.

A free chat this time, with someone whose awareness is very high. Ondrej is great. 🙂


New scientific study says 5-MeO-DMT enhances well-being

A big thank you to all of you who kindly accepted to participate in this scientific study! 🙏🏻💚🐸

And 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to M. for this massive piece of work. 🙏🏻😌💚

This study was done partly with data collected at our sessions, with our clients, both prior to their experience and after it. 😎👍🏻



And here is an update, in the form of a statement by the author of the study, due to articles such as this one being a bit too simplistic and misleading, it seems :

An Open letter to Octavio Rettig and Dr Gerry Sandoval — here it is

It’s here.

A collective of concerned people close to the entheogenic “community” has been working for many months on an open letter denouncing alleged malpractice from the two most famous facilitators of Bufo Alvarius / “toad medecine” (not to be confused with Kambo, ie “frog medecine”).
The idea is to get as many people aware of the dangers involved with being served medicine by these two facilitators. If you agree with the letter then you are invited to sign it, and to pass it on to other people interested in these things. Hopefully organisers will stop working with them and they shall change their ways or stop causing harm.

Since i am kind of mentioned in it but not named, i shall take this opportunity to add a tiny bit of detail to the story about the most recent death we know of in the Octavio camp, Araceli, better known to her friends & i as ‘Chely’, as she would also call herself.

I am the facilitator who gave her Bufo prior to her visit with Octavio. I gave her the medicine approximately 3 or 4 times, and also served her widowed husband 4 times, as well as both of her children, plus two cousins and multiple friends on various occasions. This took place in Leon and Guanajuato, state of Guanajuato, Mexico, where she lived…and also died. The last time i saw her was outside her father’s house, after serving a cousin of hers. She hugged me, said something very nice to me along the lines of ‘you are an angel’, while i was just thinking the same of her. That was my last thought in her presence : you are an angel. She was nice, you know. It still gets to me, you know, the throat, and the saltwater in the eyes. I can still feel that last hug. She was a very sweet person.

She & her husband also came to my house in Guanajuato for a magical Ayahuasca ceremony with Lila & Laura Sanchez from Pucallpa, Peru. We had 18 attendees that night, including myself, plus their assistant, Claude. Twenty one people in my lounge…and it was absolutely freezing…not ideal, but everyone left enchanted by the experience.

Araceli died on October 5, 2018, in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, at a session organised by an aquaintance of mine, Chito, a good guy IMO, who has apparently screwed up big time in this precise case. I say this because it seems that he and the other organiser waited 90 to 120 minutes before calling an ambulance, deliberately chose not to call a public ambulance to avoid legal issues, and may have waited for Chely to die before even calling the ambulance at all. The organisers also forged Chely’s signature on the disclaimer, and claimed in testimony to the police that she had signed it in front of a public notary, which is a blatant lie, there was no notary present at the session, naturally.
So quite a string of screw-ups from the organisers, there. All to, seemingly, cover Octavio’s arse, as well as their own, i’d imagine. Who knows what i would have done in their shoes, but i would certainly not have waited to call the ambulance. That is a disgrace and highly regrettable.

I had served Chely several times, without any sign of complication whatsoever. The last session i did serving her, she was released of ‘a weight of 20 kg’, she said, when some strong energies seemed to leave her body in what ressembled an exorcism session from a movie. I immediately felt a very strong drop of energy in myself, and as soon as i left the house i noticed i had a fever. The fever was very strong and stayed with me for days, i spent 2 nights sweating like crazy. Since then i have found ways to protect myself better, of course, whilst still helping people to release what they need to release. Of course, the medicine is doing most of the work, but there are things one can do whilst in session to help people release further. And little by little i am discovering these things and applying them when i believe they can help. Despite the fever, i don’t regret serving her, naturally.

Of course, Octavio has seen way more people than most, so some are temped to say that having all of these issues is just a statistical probability. The problem with that is that if you gather all the dozens, no, hundreds of other facilitators, they have collectively seen many times the amount of people seen by Octavio. Yet, still, the only reports of deaths, complications, abuse & so on, come from Octavio and this ‘Dr Gerry’. Funny how the most famous ones, the only ones really REALLY trying to promote themselves, are the most crooked & dangerous ones. The ones where the ego prevails over everything else. And they have 4 letters in common, strangely enough : rape / rapé.

No one knows what can happen when you’re facilitating this sort of medicine. But our role, as facilitators, is precisely to FACILITATE, not to make it harder or more dangerous. Octavio, of course, has no issue being called a ‘shaman’, so maybe in his world shamans don’t need to facilitate, i dunno. The guy really seems to have a messiah complex and a massive ego hiding what i’d guess is a massive trauma. He allegedly recently did a session just after taking magic mushrooms, and also smokes a lot of weed, allegedly causing paranoya in him. One person even told me that at one point he thought i had conspired with his Czech girlfriend/ex to evict him from the Czech Republic, by ‘moving energies’ or something. I have since been assured that, no, he doesn’t think that, because he thinks only of himself anyway. Well, he has me reassured. 😉

One of my clients summed up Octavio more aptly than i ever could, so i’ve asked her for permission to quote her, but unfortunately i cannot play her audio message anymore…some kind of bug in the WhatsApp backup maybe. Anyway, it went something along the lines of Octavio making people stand because he’s a macho and this is the ultimate macho step, like a warrior. She also managed to get the idea across that he was a total twat, but i’m not as gifted as her.

Dr Gerry differs from Octavio Rettig in that Octavio doesn’t seem to be malevolent, only egotistical and selfish. Geraldo Sandoval, on the other hand, seems to be a rather dark character, now trailing behind him various accusations of rape, drugging, fraud, lying, kidnapping, you name it, he’s accused of it. Not legally, but semi-publicly at least. I wouldn’t go near him, personally. I have shaken Octavio’s hand, i wouldn’t go that far with Gerry. No way José ! Dr Gerry is probably THE worst facilitator you can go with. No one else, to my knowledge, is alleged to have done so many nasty things, plus he is the most expensive i know of. Another thing they have in common : they are both pretty much the most expensive on the market.
However, one year ago, Dr Gerry had to lower his price in Prague from 300 € to 150 €, possibly due to his reputation leaking a bit…we had warned the organisers of his session about him but they still went ahead with the sessions. That was in March 2018. If you were there, the organisers don’t give a fuck about you, apparently. Hopefully after this open letter they will take these things a little more seriously.

Some people in Octavio’s camp have attempted to spread rumors about me and other people working where Octavio does, especially in Prague after the screening of the Bufo Alvarius Underground Secret movie. That calmed down once Octavio got evicted from the Czech Republic and his girlfriend/ex went public saying he was not fit to work as a facilitator. She’s a psychologist. Let that sink in.
Anyway, since he got evicted, i stopped being a ‘competitor’ and they stopped lying about me to scare people away from me. People close to Octavio also did this to my Mexican colleague, Daniel Cortes, because he practices very low prices and has been to South America about 4 or 5 times over the course of 18 months, apparently causing some of Octavio’s sessions there to be cancelled due to insufficient demand.

Dr Gerry has allegedly stolen a LOT of money from donators, who had intended that money to ‘protect the toads’. Heck, even i almost donated to this crazy motherfucker, years ago when i first saw his Facebook ad campaign to build a ranch in Sonora. I thought it was a brilliant idea. He has since then received the money, buggered off & spent it, done that a few times, and still no ranch to be seen. He still runs the same ad campaign on Facebook though.

And a few last words…

My own personal message to Octavio Rettig is this, just in case he’s reading : I wish you all the best. I think you need some serious help. You should probably not be facilitating these days, if at all. Unless you change your “methods” then you seem to be a menace. To people, to the medicine maybe also. If i could help you i would, but i’m not even sure Bufo would help you because you don’t seem to want to fix anything. You don’t seem interested in learning. Good luck to you, Octavio!

My own personal message to ‘Dr Gerry’ Sandoval : wow, what a fuckup you seem to be. I have no clue how to help you, but i really wish you all the best in somehow overcoming these demons and finding a path of maybe more truth & honesty, with much less harm to others. You should seek shamanic help, maybe. And lots of other forms of help, possibly too. You should definitely NOT be serving anyone, in fact you probably shouldn’t be interacting with anyone except a shaman or a very good shrink. Good luck to you too, Geraldo.
P.S. One guy i bumped into called you a ‘spiritual thief’. I don’t know how one can beat that. It’s time to get help, mate. You are widely considered an utter scumbag. That’s the sign it’s time to do something to change. 😉

And, more importantly, all the best to all of you, everywhere, humans, aliens, plants, everythin. 😉
Let’s do our best to find higher vibrations within so we can spread them without.

Love to all.

Documentary review – Bufo Alvarius, The Underground Secret


A few days ago, i was fortunate enough to attend a public screening of Bufo Alvarius, The Underground Secret, in a great little cinema in Prague called Kino Pilotu, where i sat down with director Filip Zaruba, for a quick chat. It was nice to see it on a proper screen (i had seen it before on a laptop, and it just wasn’t the same at all), the production quality is flawless, but the reason i went there was actually to meet with Filip. If you have the opportunity to see it in a cinema, i really recommend you take it.


Filip Zaruba is the director of the documentary Bufo Alvarius The Underground Secret


The documentary is structured into the five following parts :


Part 1 kicks off with a very credible figure in psychedelics & psychology, none other than Stanislav Grof himself :

Grof inevitably brings weight & credibility to the movie. He’s old, he’s respected, he’s written countless books. He’s reassuring. 😉

Part 2, on the other hand, gives us Dr Octavio Rettig, the Bufo ‘shaman’ featured prominently throughout most of the movie. Like many people who are familiar with this substance, and with the actual profession of being a Bufo facilitator, i was a bit miffed to see that the documentary featured only ONE facilitator, when there are so many facilitators out there.

Of course, i don’t expect to be asked to be in a documentary, i’m not famous enough for that (plus i would not do that unless i could remain anonymous), but there are tons of guys out there doing this. Why are we shown only ‘Octavio’, as he is known, and not at least 2 or 3 more? For over a year i wondered if the movie was not merely some sort of paid advertisement for Octavio. And this is where i am really grateful to have been able to chat with the director, Filip Zaruba. While i cannot share 100% of what he has told me, having spoken at length with him, i am convinced of his sincerity and best intentions. As the FAQ on the movie’s website mentions, the aim was not to advertise Octavio but rather to advertise Bufo. And the person who financed the movie, one of the Czech Republic’s wealthiest men, really doesn’t need to make any more cash, neither does he need Octavio to make any more cash. 😉

Crazy frog? Wise toad!

So, no, despite what various people have suggested, the movie’s ‘bias’ isn’t bias at all: no one else wanted to be in the movie.
The only other facilitator who would have been ok to appear was ‘Dr Gerry’ (Geraldo Sandoval), an alleged rapist, fraud, liar and full-on psycho. Unfortunately for famous Dr Gerry, who just served Mike Tyson (Mike, you could have done some research, maybe?), the director was already aware by then of some of the allegations against Gerry, and did not want him in the movie.
What the director was apparently not aware of, however, were the allegations against Dr Octavio Rettig. Allegations of death, comas, traumatised people, electroshocks, waterboarding and i’m only just getting warmed up here. But more on that later.

Two people who have a very misled understanding of how the Bufo medicine works. Misled by Octavio Rettig’s oversized ego. 😉

Truth be told, Octavio is such a prominent figure, so well marketed & advertised, that it is very difficult to figure out he is such a nutcase. Just earlier today, a guy in Spain asking me for advice on Bufo & Ayahuasca brought up Octavio’s name and was shell-shocked when i told him what i knew. He was absolutely clueless about the deaths, or any of the other issues, for that matter. He is not the only one, and unless you are really bathing in this Bufo ‘culture’, it is very difficult to come across all of this information. Hence why i am coming out with the information i have received, at least the elements i am able to share with you (that’ll be in a second article, coming up very soon, about this famous Octavio character).

Doing research about someone as prominent is not easy, because you are inevitably going to be flooded with a lot of the stuff that is intended to be seen by you.

Octavio Rettig, on the left.

Today, in February 2019, things are different however, and even the director of the documentary is distancing himself from Octavio Rettig, now that more and more information is coming out, notably about the recent death of ‘Chely’ in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, on October 5th 2018. I know, because i am the one who broke the news to the Bufo world in detail, being the only fluent speaker of English to actually know her personally, as well as the organisers of the event, and the widowed husband, plus at least one person who was there and testified with the police. I had served her 3 or 4 times myself, without issue. She presented no health contra-indications i am aware of, and seemed like a healthy 40 year old to me. Having served an 89 year old with heart problems without any issues, i am very surprised that Chely would die during Bufo. But of course with Octavio it is only rarely just Bufo, it’s also strong râpé, given to you in circumstances where you should definitely not be taking it.
But more on all that in my article on Octavio, coming soon. It is time people know, and time that those who do, speak up. Octavio is a menace and should either change his ways or just plain stop.

The big change recently is that, even amongst close friends of Octavio’s, people and organisers are speaking up against his methods. The World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) recently published a press release condemning Rettig’s ways. Then Dean Jefferys, of the closed Facebook group ‘Toad & 5-meo-forum & support’, also a friend of Octavio’s, came out with a similar statement, and relayed the WBAC’s own release. Both organisations bear friends of Octavio’s :  this had never been seen before, usually his friends would defend him no matter what. The wind has started to turn against Octavio, who can no longer even work in the Czech Republic, despite the massive publicity afforded to him by this documentary. He is also banned from Slovakia and Italy, i have been told.

A screenshot of one of the many fancy 3D animations in the movie

Anyway, back to the movie.

Now that we know why only Octavio is featured in there, there is really only a couple of things i’d say i didn’t like about the movie :

1) Dr Octavio Rettig is by no means a ‘shaman’, contrary to what is mentioned, he is just a showman with a messiah complex.
Moreover, i wouldn’t even really call him a ‘facilitator’ in that he doesn’t necessarily facilitate the experience at all. Yes, i know, i’m being picky here, but to me facilitating the experience is not compatible with electrocuting them or making them vomit for hours on râpé when all they wanted was to enjoy coming down from the Bufo experience.

2) None of Octavio’s “crazy ways” are shown in the movie. This, as i understand it now, is because the team simply didn’t know about them at the time of making the film. Unfortunately, it does show Octavio in a much more reasonable light than any documentary should, and so a volume 2 to this film might be a good idea.
Filip Zaruba mentioned to me that he would actually like to make a second movie, showing the scientific data, the risks, the good ways to facilitate, and so on. It sounds like he isn’t too comfortable with leaving this film as it is, without clarifying a few things in light of the recent statements on Rettig. And this is why i feel like Zaruba can be trusted : he is empathic towards the victims, and seems to feel uncomfortable drawing the masses towards such a dangerous facilitator as Octavio Rettig. My view of Zaruba is that he cares a whole lot more for the people, all people, than Octavio does. Rettig seems to care only about himself, and his recent statement, a reply to that of the WBAC, seems to confirm this: he never expresses any remorse, only blames the victims, boasts about what a great job he has done, and refuses to change his ways. Heck, he doesn’t even mention the victims, really. Octavio seems driven by pure ego.


As already mentioned, the movie is very well made, the quality of the filming and of the picture, the sound, the editing, everything is just flawless, if maybe a tad stereotypical of these ‘new age’ documentaries at times, but i’m really splitting hairs here.

I trust the director and the producer had nothing but the purest intentions when they set out to make this movie, and i do not believe they wished to promote Octavio as a facilitator. In fact, i’d like to bring your attention to their FAQ, which, if you read between the lines, may give you some wise tips. 😉

Hint: check the last line or two of their responses. IMO they are trying to tell you in a very very discreet way to avoid Octavio and ask yourself if he is humble and questioning himself or if he is better avoided. But that’s just my own interpretation, nothing more. Wink wink nudge nudge.


+ Well structured movie
+ Technically very good
+ Although no movie can possibly give anyone any idea what Bufo is like, this one does a good job at trying.
+ The movie seems motivated only by making this “sacred medicine” known, not by advertising anyone.

– Shows only one facilitator
– Octavio Rettig is misleadingly nice and reasonable in the movie, and none of his crazy ways are depicted
– He is presented as a ‘shaman’ when really he is just an egomaniac showman

So, overall, despite the minor gripes mentioned above, i would recommend you see the movie if you’re interested in knowing about Bufo, especially in a cinema. Just bear in mind that this particular facilitator, despite appearances, really is not a wise option and is much better avoided altogether. If you’d like me to recommend safer & better options, feel free to contact me privately.
Also, beware that screenings are very rapidly sold out, you’ll need to buy tickets well in advance. If you have no access to a cinema showing this, you can download it here.

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Filip Zaruba has also asked me to include the following music video, so here it is :

Special thanks : Filip Zaruba, for taking the time to talk with me, and for permission to use all the images in this article.


Does our mind control & create our reality ?

Dr Bruce Lipton produces a fascinating presentation from minute 1 right through to the very last second.
Just 5 or 10 mins in you can feel the breeze that is about to storm your mind. And then it just gets better & better.
So much in here that i will have to watch it again, for sure. And yet it is all so very clear & easy to understand.
Thanks, Mr Lipton, this is high-value life-changing insight.


A lovely song…by a lovely person…with a loveable voice. Enjoy Siri ! :-)

Featured image

The spin of life — anything alive is in a spin

This video covers various things but most of it is simply fascinating. If you’ve seen the video in my previous post, Peyote Ceremony 1, then this won’t come as a surprise : some things in nature are built upon the same model, from a hurricane to your inner ear, from galaxies to water exiting your bathtub.
Oh, and nature does it best : see how nature’s design just always works best…and in ways that scientists tend to think are impossible.

Although it is not discussed, at one point a picture of a Neurophone is shown. Now that is one heck of an intriguing device. Way overpriced for the electronics inside it, it claims to align left brain & right brain and increase IQ. Some people talk about dissolving reality and portals to other dimensions using this device for just a week or two. Its inventor, Patrick Flanagan, was only 13 or 14 when he came up with it and later went on to work on Man to Dolphin communication for the US Navy, amongst many other things. Unfortunately, i haven’t yet found a cheap clone and i am not willing to lash out 800 dollars for a cheap electronic circuit.

Anyway, that was just a quick tangent, the video isn’t about that but is at least as interesting. Enjoy and share other similar videos in the comments if you’d like. Thank you.

Heck this makes sense ! And i don’t even believe in it !

You know “Karma” and all that stuff?
Yes, you’ve guessed it : i’m a little hermetic to all of that, a lot of people in the West seem to be.
Yet you know what, this list of 12 really took me by surprise.

But i’ll let you be the judge, why not?


[Edit : the above link has since died, here is one that works

Icaros (mp3) ! :-)


How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness

“Is there a natural herb or treatment to detox from fluoride, mercury, and pineal gland calcification?
Besides ratfish or skatefish liver oil which has been found to gradually help decalcify the pineal gland over time, the natural rootbark of Iboga has been shown to do wonders on the pineal gland and overall fluoride and mercury detoxification. At an Iboga treatment center, there have been several patients who have come for mercury poisoning specifically and many showing signs of toxic poisoning. Many of these people have said they feel disconnected from themselves without enough will or strength to break free. Some call this depersonalization disorder.

After two iboga treatments, the first of which is meant to detox the body of fluoride and other toxins including candida, herpes, and other viral and bacteria loads which “officially” are incurable, the second iboga journey is meant to take you on a psycho-spiritual journey to face yourself and clear your mind in an even greater way. Most people receive this experience in some form or another, but some may require additional treatment, especially if they do not surrender to the experience or have many years of toxic bodies and minds.”