How to prepare for the Bufo Alvarius experience

In this video in English, you will find tips & suggestions from me, an experienced facilitator, on how to prepare for your Bufo Alvarius experience. How to prepare, practically, but also how to approach it from mindful perspective.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either post them below in the comments, here on this blog, or on the video page, or by emailing me through the Contact page on this blog.

I try to answer all questions, but please bear with me as i am not always able to do so immediately. Thanks for your patience. 😉

All the best,



Our next 5 day retreat is here :-)

Because of the situation with the so-called virus etc, we had to cancel our April retreat. But i am pleased to say it is back! 🙂 And we now have not only the dates but the programme.

You can enquire with us at froglove [at] for more info, in English, Czech, Spanish or French. 😉

It will be from July 1st to July 5th, and will include many things, some of which will be :
– Kambo
– De-armouring workshop
– Musicotherapy
– Body poetry
– Yoga
– Guided meditations
– Delicious & healthy vegan food, made with passion & love 🙂
– Bufo

Our retreats in the past have received extremely favorable reviews from participants, several of whom have returned once or even several times. This is our 3rd year running, and our longest retreat to date !

We design these retreats as we would want them to be for us, were we the clients, and so far it has been working well. 🙂
You will have plenty to keep you busy, and yet plenty of space & time to yourself for integration of each experience.

It is located about 90 mins from Prague, in the Czech Republic. Prague is easily accessible via cheap short flights from anywhere in Europe, and flights are already taking place to & from various countries, because the Czech Republic did extremely well during this ‘crisis’.

Car pooling from Prague to the retreat center is possible. We often have people flying in from abroad to attend our events, even for 1h events !
The last Bufo session i did in Bratislava originally had people planning to come in from 4 different countries, for just over 1 hour of session time each.

We are confident that our retreats are now amongst the best in Europe, are very competitively priced, and provide a truly beneficial & transformation experience.

For more information, email us at the address above, or through the contact page on this blog.

We currently have 20 slots, 11 of which have been booked & confirmed, and we already have 2 or 3 more people enquiring as i write these lines, so i would say that slots will disappear fast. Don’t delay if you are interested in attending.

Hoping to see you there!
All the best,


Râpé for rookies

If you know the answer to the below questions then don’t waste your time, this article & its accompanying videos are not for you. 🙂

What is râpé ?
How do you use it ?

Below you will find two videos for rookies, made by a rookie, telling you & showing you what this medicina is and how to use it.
I even filmed a whole ceremony i did for myself this morning (feel free to speed it up or fast-forward, there are bits where i am processing / crying and not talking).

I’m going through a rough period with my partner and it came up during my process, as you can see.
So if it disturbs you to see a man cry then avoid the second video. 😉
I have plenty more work to do on myself, and recent events have been forcing to me evolve & adapt, to grow a bit too, hopefully.

Râpé is a true ‘medecine’, powerful, and not to be taken lightly. It can knock you out for hours, make you throw up, make you travel to other spaces, vibrate, connect you with your higher Self, and so on.
So start lightly, with soft râpé, in small amounts, and NEVER abuse it. Do NOT get addicted to it, treat it with respect, and by that i mean take it when you feel a true calling from within your heart. When you know you need to work with it.

There are thousands of types of râpé, mostly from Brazil, but also from other Amazonian areas. It is, as far as i understand, usually made from Mapacho (black tobacco) and ashes of plants/trees. Every râpé has its purpose. Some are designed to make you purge, in preparation for another medecine, such as Ayahuasca, maybe, while others may be intended to open the heart. I am by no means a specialist, my experience with goes back about 4 years and a few dozen applications, some in Mexico, some in Europe, and most of my experience has been acquired here in the past few weeks, through almost daily work and self-application.

It has helped me gain many insights, i think. For a minute or two, it usually connects me to my higher Self, where answers reside or where they stem from.

Focus on your breathing, calm the mind, avoid trying to understand / figure things out and breathe, let your higher Self, this awareness, this consciousness provide you with the answers…and you shall feel them. It’s never about understanding with these things, always about feeling. Remember that on your journey with these medicines : breathe, relax, and start over. You’ll be fine. 😉

Finally, a word about my process in the second video, the full “self ceremony”.
You can see me crying because i feel i am losing my partner, whom i love with all my heart, and i do. There are only two things i know: i love her with all my heart, and i don’t know how to resolve the current issues we are facing as a couple. Or were facing, for i see no solution, precisely, so i am now focusing on moving on.
The fact is there is nothing that needs resolving by me for us. I have work to do, evolutions to make in my daily life, habits to break, new habits to create, new perspectives to gain and old ones to let go of…and so does she. We got to this situation together, it was perfectly mutually created. All i need to do is love myself more, love her without the pain of attachment & loss, and live my life as best i can. Whether that will include her or not, i don’t know. I know only that i shall most likely always love her in a very deep way. She is the only woman i have ever been with for more than a day that i feel i love completely.
However, i know i can love other women completely too, and the stalemate situation we are in needs to end. It will very soon, and that actually brings me relief and optimism. 🙂  Sure, i will do a lot more crying & feel a lot more pain than i suspect right now, but on the other side of that i will be better off. Out of a decaying relationship that has no room for change, into the open. Into the wild. 😉

I hope these videos are useful to you in some way. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog & also the video channel, and encourage me with a kind comment or a like if you feel like it. 😉 It’s always nice to receive this. 🙂

Thank you, and be you, shine. Love. Embrace. Feel. 🙂
All the best,

Video 1 : what is râpé and how to apply it.


Video 2 : full self ceremony with râpé, and live descriptions of what i am feeling, plus my own personal process this morning.



I am enough. You are enough.

With or without you. With or without them.

And fuck everything else.

There you have it: today’s spark of wisdom. 😉

Reality is not very rigid

That’s it!…
…It’s all in the title.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Insight garnered from Billie Wilde.

Great videos you might not remember

I am eyeballing you

Some of you will know this about me: i’m old! Oh yes, and i’m too sexy for my shirt, plus a few other things, open up your fruitcakes! YEAH BABY YEAH!
Are you catching these references yet? If not, please pay attention. Geez, it’s like being at kindergarten with you youngsters all over the place!

First up, we have a video that, admitedly, simply doesn’t qualify as ‘great’, some might argue it’s not even ‘good’! So what on earth is it doing here, i hear you scream. Well, i thoroughly like the tongue-in-cheek attitude of our “singer” here, and they all seem to be having a bunch of fun, whilst making fun of people who thing they are just too hot…for anything. 🙂 Urban legend has it that the two bulky brothers in the band owned a gym where many models could be seen, and they decided to take a poke at them in this song and video.
Makes me a tad nostalgic of the era, which is the early 90’s, in case you didn’t know. Which you probably didn’t. Hence why i said it. 😉
In addition to the jaunty attitude of ‘Fred’, let’s call him that, we have the raunchy extras, which are probably largely responsible for the 20 million views this video is currently boasting.
I used to think of Right Said Fred as a one hit wonder, but a quick look into their bio shows me they sold 30 million records, had number 1 hits in dozens of countries, and even were the first band since The Beatles to go to number 1 in the US with their debut single, a record that was over 25 years old at the time of ‘Too Sexy’, which also won them some fancy awards.

Ladies & genitals, I’m too sexy for my shirt:


Next up, a classic that dates back all the way to 1986. Not only a great song, perfectly produced, the video has to be one of the best in music video history. That’s Peter Gabriel, by the way.



And, last for today’s selection (stay tuned for more!), we have something wildly unexpected from a special & brilliant actor, who is apparently a gifted dancer to boot.
Christopher Walken is indeed Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice.


The Word

When everything’s wrong, it makes it right.
You’re never alone, you have it inside.
And i know sometimes we forget it,
But, i swear, it’s always been there.

Don’t know what you were
Expecting, when you don’t
Love yourself, you love
Nothing at all

When we are lost, it turns on the light.
When we feel empty, it makes it all bright.
And all we need to do is remember
That inside our chests is where the answers reside.

YMS, 27/03/2017

Don’t break it

You have my heart, ‘don’t break it’, i keep saying to myself.

The way you don’t


I like the way you wear your clothes,
I like the way you don’t.

I like it when you say to me that,
If i will you won’t.

If you hadn’t found the best in me,
Would you be here today?

I’m just wondering,
Why you’re wandering away…


On the other side of gratitude

The Gratitude Guide

The Gratitude Guide, a handbook to more happiness in life, by Mr Jacob J Zylka-Zebracki

No râpé today, but still, some insights.

Finding gratitude in the ‘face of adversity’ may be the hardest thing right after self-acceptance, so-called “self-love”.
I have come to believe that it is our mission, in our best interest, in the best interest of life, of the universe’s thriving forces, in the best interest of joy & happiness, that we find gratitude, somehow, in the hard times. It implies ‘trusting the process’, trusting the Universe, trusting ‘God’. By the way, if the word ‘God’ bothers you, as i know it does some people, especially Atheists, then simply give it a meaning you can live with, something that doesn’t frustrate you or annoy you. It really is up to you what meaning you put in there. Have you pondered that maybe it bothers you because you don’t know what meaning to put into it? That you are disconnected from this Power, this Source of Everything, All of Consciousness combined? I don’t know, quite frankly, that’s your problem & for you to figure out. For your own sake, try to, though. Because we DO all come from the same Source, whether you want it or not, whether you believe it or not, and all Consciousness therefore comes from the same source too. And everything is connected to everything. There is nothing ‘separate’ in the Universe.

Back to our theme, though: gratitude when it’s not easy.

When we fail to find this gratitude, and i say this without judging those of us (including me) who do, we render ourselves victims of the circumstances. It means that a) we feel sorry for ourselves, b) we probably deny or don’t realize the part we played in attracting those said circumstances, and c) we are failing to trust the process, to trust God. Now i’m not a religious person, i’m neither Catholic nor Buddhist nor Jewish nor any of those things. I think that they are quite incompatible with spirituality. They are an easy trap to fall into, yes, but a trap nevertheless. Just my opinion, however, so don’t get too upset with me should you view things differently. Remember? Gratitude for our hardships! Oh, it is sooo hard to accept that people disagree with me on the obvious! SOOO hard! 😉

I have found, especially in the last few days, that by seeking gratitude, even for things that are, IMO, creating frustration for me, pretty f***ing strong frustration too (and i use those words deliberately…), that i create a learning and growth. I am only better off for it. What lies on the other side of gratitude is growth, and something a whole lot better than what i thought i was missing or lacking, or wanting. Ok, i still want to do those things, that hasn’t disappeared, but had i not gone through this frustration/problem and sought out the gratitude, i would have missed out on something a whole lot deeper & more beneficial to my Being & existence!

I’m not certain i can explain this further right now, so maybe try it. You can find meditations & advice on how to feel grateful quite easily should you want it. Search & you shall find. Try it & let me know how it went, why not? You can comment below, or email me from the contact section. 🙂

Be well, shine on, and let the world see & feel how friggin brilliant & lovely you are! 🙂

P.S. The book in the picture is a good place to start, and you can order it here (US) or here (UK/Europe). These are not affiliate links, the author is however a good friend and i hope to have him interviewed for this blog or for a podcast sometime this year.
I put this book in the ‘MUST READ in a lifetime’ category. Something that would be compulsory at school, were school about teaching & growing. Something every child & every adult should refer to on rough days or nights. Something we should all practice, for our own good, and that of all.

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