Episode 7 — Three soon to be | 2014-07-15

One month after my 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, i feel the need for another dose of peace & love. 😉

My search for more local sources has more or less failed so far but i won’t give up. Heck, at this rate i had better find my own source of the brew or i’ll be choosing between Ayahuasca and food one day.

So i’ve booked for another round of medecina on Sunday 20th July, ie just 5 days to go. This time it will be in Queretaro but it is the same team as before, the guys from Guadalajara. The cost is considerably higher this time around, 1500 Pesos instead of 1000 — they have to travel from Qto to Gdj and possibly rent a place or share the profits.

I was also considering a double go in Mexico City, ie 2 days in “DF” : the guys from Ayahuasca Mexico Monterrey wil be down there for some reason, probably public demand. The cost for that is 1250 Pesos per day. Having done 2 ceremonies over 2 consecutive days, i know it is tiring but i also know that i seem to be resisting the process or in any case i have a lot on my plate. My feeling is this right now : one won’t be enough for all the work i need to do so why just do one? Let’s get on with it!

One thing i think needs fixing : doing Ayahuasca is too expensive. I can afford it right now, but what about those who can’t ? 1000 Pesos might seem like peanuts to many Europeans or Americans, but down here it’s often more than a week’s wages. But today i received an email from a friend who offers photography lessons : when his prices were a lot higher he would do longer lessons and get people who were a lot more serious about the hobby. If Ayahuasca were dirt cheap, would it attract glue-sniffers and bored people who see it as an alternative to a 4D movie ? Although we all probably need it, what happens when it costs 100 Pesos (6 €). Down in the Amazon this stuff literally, erm, grows on trees. Down there they stick it in your baby bottle when you’re a toddler. But up here we are told that plants can & sometimes should be illegal, that molecules produced by our brain will get us in prison were we to replicate them somehow. What happens when what the rookies & ignorant call a ‘drug’ is cheap as hell, Hell ?
We’re in a bit of a maze here, folks, cos we need to get this to pretty much everyone, especially the sociopaths in power, and yet we know that the more attention it gets the more it will become illegal and controlled and demonized, no matter what the science says.

I sent this blog over to a lot of friends & acquaintances. Two are following it, and i bet most of the others feel uncomfortable i even mentioned the “A” word. My god, what a crack-head i am.
I’d say that, just as with pyschotherapy, those who refuse it the most vigorously are probably the ones who need it the most. I am not mad! I am not a junkie! I am not interested!
Oh i don’t know, i’m just rambling on here. Maybe it’s the Big E. talking. Ego, that fucked up thing we can’t seem to shake off. I know i’m having a hard time.

And that’s why i need another dose of medecine. My partner thinks i’m getting hooked on it. Maybe i am hooked on that peaceful feeling, and maybe i just love not feeling guilty & anguished. But mostly i just know i have merely scratched the surface and have sooo much more to do to heal. It’s a long road ahead and i have been movin slow, gotta speed things up !

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