The science behind Minority Report (and more)

In the mid 1970s, under President Carter, the CIA & the Pentagon allegedly used psychics to remotely view the crash site of a Russian bomber, successfully. They later used similar methods to remotely spy on Russian laboratories. Amongst many other fascinating things, that is what this documentary claims.

Randomly disappearing and reappearing quarks inside our body mean that part of us is constantly de-materializing and re-materializing, and therefore so does our conscience.

The definition of a cell’s membrane is essentially that of a processor.

Telepathy has, they say, been tried & achieved by military/spying programs.

An experiment where people were shown random images showed that the heart reacted up to 6 seconds in advance to what it was going to be shown…before the brain.

Conscience apparently travels at many thousands of times the speed of light.

That’s just part of what the first half covers…

Now i cannot guarantee that all of this, or any, is true. One particular story of a guy taking photos of aliens with the cap still on his lens left me a little sceptical. But the rest, so far (i’m half way through it), seems pretty coherent. Unless, of course, all these scientists are just actors.

In a nutshell, i cannot validate or invalidate this content. But it sure is fascinating stuff.

You’ll have to put up with rather poor video quality but the sound is more important anyway.

You’ll notice that this is in my ‘Unrelated to Ayahuasca’ category. Hmm, i’m really not sure that is an accurate label.

This is a documentary called ‘Quantum Communication’.


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  1. Eric Samsung
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 16:17:36

    Bohr made excellent points in the 1927 discussions along the lines that reality is made by consciousness – by observations – reality formed in a collective consciousness. Not much progress was made in 100 years. Einstein for one was fundamentally against some of the otherwise agreed points that we essentially devise our own versions of the shared realities. His failing to discredit that the quanta is the expansiveness of consciousness pushed back progress for decades. The non-duality science work of recent acceptance is beginning to establish much of what is found in this program. I find far more advance access on facebook where I follow many scientist posts as well as parapsychology and spiritual posts. There are many source posted at youtube and all over the web. Hope you’ll continue investigating consciousness. Incidentally, consciousness is available instantly (no speed is involved) – the truth of our problems of evolving is that fear blocks the transparency of consciousness. It is less a problem that we are in lower vibration in body-form… it is the blocking of the spiritual senses that is the difficulty with us not receiving all of the knowledge that is always passing through us and yet unnoticed. All of light contains all of knowledge – in every photon is the fractal connectivity to all of knowledge.
    ~ Eric


  2. Eric Samsung
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 19:35:03

    Fabric of Reality

    We see spirals at every degree and angle of creation from the microscopic DNA of the double helix to the spiral galaxies of deep space.

    This video puts forward the idea that this is because of a universal process of symmetry forming and breaking at the atomic level that predates the evolution of life giving Darwin’s theory of evolution a geometrical therefore mathematical base. In this theory this process is formed by the absorption and emission of light or EMW from one atom to another.

    Light is a wave until it comes in contact with an electron on the surface of an atom. Then it forms a photon that will have a new position in space and time. This process forms the geometry of spacetime and the continuum of time itself.

    The great beauty of a spiral is that it has infinite possibilities to expand or grow but never covers the same space or ground just like the infinity of the forward passage of time itself! In this theory we can find the coupling constant 137… by taking any two consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci series and form them into a fraction. Then multiple by 360 to get 222.5 if we then subtract this from 360 the result will always be 137… The fine structure constant results from dividing a sphere (electron cloud) into parallel bands of equal area and placing one node in each band at longitudes spaced by a golden section of the circle, i.e. 360°/φ ≅ 222.5°. We then subtract this from 360. The result will always be 137.5 that why it’s a constant. It is the symmetry and geometry of the fabric of spacetime.


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