The best way to be…Stateless

What is the best our society can hope for ?

I’m gonna make this short & easy.
Non-aggression, that’s the best we can aim for and hope for.

What does that imply ?
Well, it means all exchanges need to be voluntary.

Tax is not a voluntary exchange. It is levied under the threat of aggression, theft, violence. So out goes taxation.
States live off tax => out goes the State.

It is really quite simple : either you are in favor of non-aggression or you are not.
If you are, you are against theft & taxes and the State.
If you are against non-aggression, that means you are in favor of aggression. We’re talking way of life here. To be in favor of aggression means you are not only in favor of aggression against yourself (that makes you a masochist) but in favor of aggression against others (that makes you a sadist). So : you are either a sado-masochist or in favor of a Stateless society.

I challenge anyone reading this to demonstrate otherwise.

Anyone in favor of taxation and the State is intrinsically a threat to anyone around them, even to themselves.

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