Râpé : what is it ? what does it do ? how do you use it ?

Back in October, during Ayahuasca n°4, i bought a small box of râpé (that means ground, in French), which is ground tobacco, supposedly Mapacho from the Amazon, and in the case of mine, it has a bit of menthol added to it. You self administer it by blowing it up your nose. Gets you breathing like never before, and comes in very handy before ceremonies/sessions with so-called sacred medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, toad secretion (Sapo BUFO, Sapo Kambo), etc., where breathing is essential.
In this short video i show what it looks like, how to administer it to yourself, how to save money on the required pipe, and say a word or two about what you can expect.
I paid quite a high price for the small box you see on the video : 200 Pesos (MXN). I would recommend buying a bag of Mapacho and grinding yourself in a coffee grinder. Probably a thousand times cheaper. I bought mine from Andres, a guy who accompanies these Shamans & Taitas all over the world. The guy has what seems like a pretty good job. Travel + Ayahuasca every week…can’t be bad. 😉

I hope it’s of some use to you.


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