Ayahuasca n°4 — October 16th, 2014

Finally, 9 months late, i have decided to upload the videos & photos from ceremony 4.

Below you will find a very detailed account of the ceremony.

It was performed in Mexico, just outside Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, with a Taita named Janssasoy (i hope i got the spelling right), from Columbia. He’s a nice guy and his medecina tasted stronger than what i had tried previously, and we were given smaller doses than what i had been accustomed to : a good thing when you dislike the taste as much as i do.

Looking back on n°4, i would say that i failed to put enough intention into the opportunity and maybe that’s why i didn’t seem to get that much out of it. I felt less peaceful afterwards, and for less time, but i did have a very pleasant ceremony. No visions to speak of, but hours of being in that nice loving place. Whether i realized or not during & after, i believe that Ayahuasca does you good and works on you in the background for a long time after. One thing i learnt during n°6 was that i have not been eating properly prior to my ceremonies and that too may have affected the outcome of n°4.

Below are several videos of my thoughts and impressions throughout the experience, but first here are some photos of the location.

Just before [please forgive the video quality…phone…at night…] :

Just after :

A few days after :

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