Questions to a Bufo facilitator (send in a question!)

I get asked a lot of things about Bufo Alvarius, and also about other things such as Ayahuasca, or healing in general.

And i have noticed that
a) there is a lot of misunderstanding out there about these things
b) my answers seem to help most of the time.

So…i am going to be taking all of your questions about these things, and about Bufo in particular.

Once i have your questions, i will then make one very short video per question, with my reply. This way, people shall be able to find these questions and answers easily on YouTube etc., hopefully helping people and informing them better. Of course, i am not omniscient or perfect, so if you feel i have replied with incorrect information, please be sure to let me know.

You may post your questions here, in the comments, or send them to me on Facebook, or here in the contact section (email). I will preserve your anonymity, naturally, unless you specify that you want your name published.

Thank you in advance!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AL
    Feb 16, 2019 @ 23:27:46

    Excuse my ego if it sounds ridiculous…and if it is, explain why is it ridiculous (from love)

    Anyways…here are my questions

    1) Why is Dr. Gerry getting shit all of the sudden? Is it true? Hardcore evidence other than Facebook comments?
    2) Is 5meo DMT able to answer where the pyramids of Giza came from, the origins of Money, and/or evil? If not, why LIMITATIONS of knowledge?

    3) Why can’t one person AWAKEN the PLANET (without us having to take the 5meo dmt ourselves?) – sort of like a ripple effect on the planet.
    Or at least dialing back hell on this planet…(faster?)

    Yes, infinite love is true….but it doesn’t seem like that infinite love stuck with Octavio Rettig (or maybe it’s just a working process)

    And like you say, serial killers are infinite love…and I agree…which leads me to question number

    4) How’s the responsibility like on a cosmic scale? Does the universe really not care unless we do? As individuals?

    5) Is it true that the EGO comes back stronger than before after experiences like that? Aka octavio????

    THANKS for your time.


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