Are you depressed ? GOOD !


I wish someone had told me this.

Depression is usually viewed as a bad thing. And that’s the problem.

Depression is just the same as any other feeling : it’s your inner guiding system doing its job. When you’re in your car and your GPS tells you ‘WARNING! DANGER AHEAD! TURN ROUND AT ONCE!’, you don’t just ignore it and put in ear plugs. So why would you do that with how you feel about your own life ?

In this short video i explain why depression is actually a good thing and why you should do all you can to NOT ignore it and NOT hide it under a traitorous veil of so-called “anti”-depressants. I also give you a few quick tips on how to deal with it short term to improve your life.

Want to feel better ? Your inner beacon is the key. Listen to it and use it to your advantage.

How to lose weight without a diet, pills or drugs (part 1) | 2014-07-26

The most important thing to know for anyone who wants to lose weight.
Has nothing to do with Ayahuasca, by the way, or nutrition or exercise.
I lost 8 kg in 6 weeks and have lost more since thanks to this.

Be sure to see my update and correction in the video below this one.
Reference mentioned in the video :

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – long version

Update and correction [2016-05-11] – short version