The spin of life — anything alive is in a spin

This video covers various things but most of it is simply fascinating. If you’ve seen the video in my previous post, Peyote Ceremony 1, then this won’t come as a surprise : some things in nature are built upon the same model, from a hurricane to your inner ear, from galaxies to water exiting your bathtub.
Oh, and nature does it best : see how nature’s design just always works best…and in ways that scientists tend to think are impossible.

Although it is not discussed, at one point a picture of a Neurophone is shown. Now that is one heck of an intriguing device. Way overpriced for the electronics inside it, it claims to align left brain & right brain and increase IQ. Some people talk about dissolving reality and portals to other dimensions using this device for just a week or two. Its inventor, Patrick Flanagan, was only 13 or 14 when he came up with it and later went on to work on Man to Dolphin communication for the US Navy, amongst many other things. Unfortunately, i haven’t yet found a cheap clone and i am not willing to lash out 800 dollars for a cheap electronic circuit.

Anyway, that was just a quick tangent, the video isn’t about that but is at least as interesting. Enjoy and share other similar videos in the comments if you’d like. Thank you.