The Word

When everything’s wrong, it makes it right.
You’re never alone, you have it inside.
And i know sometimes we forget it,
But, i swear, it’s always been there.

Don’t know what you were
Expecting, when you don’t
Love yourself, you love
Nothing at all

When we are lost, it turns on the light.
When we feel empty, it makes it all bright.
And all we need to do is remember
That inside our chests is where the answers reside.

YMS, 27/03/2017

Some music for a change :-)

Hello everyone, for a change i am going to publish some music. The guy making it may seem familiar. šŸ˜‰
[UPDATE: after just an hour or so, someone hacked my account and/or deleted my channel! WTF! Here is a new link.]