One-eyed tears (without crying)

I forgot to mention this, and only just remembered it while watching Dr Emoto’s Messages from Water* :
during at least one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies and during Peyote i noticed tears running from my eyes. Yet i wasn’t crying. Neither sad nor especially happy.
It always seems to start with my right eye, and the left one follows a little later albeit in smaller quantities. Never both at the same time.
None of the other classic crying symptoms accompanied this : no runny nose, no noticeable emotion.
Pretty intriguing and i don’t know what to think of it, but something tells me i will at some point along the path.

* ‘Music is a form of healing before it is an art’, says Dr Emoto. I like that. 🙂
I cannot urge you enough to watch this documentary. If what is suggested is true then our emotions affect our health beyond doubt since we are made of at least 95% of water molecules.

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