Why are we here ? Closer to the Truth.

Our originI’ve heard all sorts of answers to this one. ‘We’re here to be happy’. ‘We’re here to love’.

But, really, why the heck are we here ?

That’s been a big one for me, especially in recent years when i have been questioning a lot of things and…well, you know…when you hit 40 you start asking the hard ones.
Well, believe it or not, i just got it and it was so freakin obvious i can’t believe i hadn’t figured it out sooner. In fact i’m surprised so few people out there have figured it out ! I mean let’s face it, i’m not that smart : there are so many geniuses out there, how come i hadn’t heard this before ? Ok, to be fair, i had heard it once before, only phrased differently and not explained. I totally missed it that time — maybe i wasn’t listening. Here’s what happened : this guy was at a party with his camcorder filming folks, and this other geezer had done Ayahuasca and when asked why we are here he replied ‘The point of living is to live’. I really didn’t get that.

So here it is, at last : the reason we live.
You know how nature evolves, right ? Well, what is that ? What is evolution ? IT IS LEARNING, isn’t it, that’s what evolving is, it’s learning. It’s a form of intelligence : you adapt so you can go on. We humans tend to think we are the best at that, we firmly believe we are the smartest asses around, the kings of the castle. And what is the thickest thing around ? A vegetable — a plant. Hmm, strange then that plants have up to 3 times the amount of genes we do. That means they are 3 times more evolved than we are. If we were to evolve more, would we then evolve into plants ? To me it seems like plants are the smartest thing around. The whole planet lives thanks to them. Life on this planet is plants. No plants no life. Hell you know what, these guys even know how to convert light into food ! How freakin smart is that. Humans have a long way before they can do that with their own body, haha !

So it’s ever so clear : the whole ecosystem is alive because it is learning. Life & evolution are one & the same : without learning you die. If you’re learning you’re alive, if you stop learning you die.
My friends, brothers & sisters, WE ARE HERE TO LEARN. WE ARE NATURE, WE ARE EVOLUTION, therefore we are here to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS ANY PLANT OR VIRUS : LEARN ! That’s it ! Nothing more to it, nothing more to know : WE ARE HERE TO LEARN. LIFE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN.

Since i started taking Ayahuasca i get the impression that i am developing a slight sense of premonition : i have noticed quite often since ceremony 4 that i tend to think of people contacting me just before they do, like a few seconds before and boom it just happens. Could be coincidence, sure. Or it could be scientifically sensible : we are all connected, consciousness is a web, my body’s atoms spin at exactly the same speed in the same direction as yours do, any alteration of them would alter yours, & so on. We are in a matrix, as far as i know that is solid science. More & more people are talking about this 2 dimensional field we are in, and that what we call the 3rd dimension & matter doesn’t really exist, it would be just a holographic projection. Now that all sounds insane at first, but have you ever touched anything ? Nope. The atoms in your body have never touched anyone else’s atoms, not even close. What is an atom anyway ? 99.99999999999% emptiness. The core & the electrons would be 300 meters apart if the core was the size of a football. What we call solid matter is emptiness, an illusion. We’re on a grid, and everything we call ‘form’ is the result of vibration — now where is the source of that vibration ? We and the ‘reality’ we believe we are in is merely vibrating energy, remove the vibration and there is pretty much nothing to speak of. To get the idea, look up vibrating plates with sand on them : depending on the frequency sent into the plate you get all these marvelous patterns or even forms in the sand. Remove the vibration and it’s 2D.

Let me ask you something : when you reinstall Windows does your hard drive remember it has been installed & erased already ?
Are we different ? People get amnesia, right ? People can be brainwashed, right ? Heck we even forget stuff intentionally just because we don’t like thinking about it — denial. There is this disease where blind people don’t know they are blind : that’s right, the part of their computer that is supposed to tell them ‘your webcam is down’ does not function. So when they fail to do something right, like avoid a wall, or manage to read, their computer has to find another plausible explanation : my glasses were dirty, or i wasn’t looking, or whatever…but ‘oh that’s because i am blind’ is simply not a possible answer because there is a missing piece of information. That brain is creating an alternate reality and doesn’t know it. It believes something completely fake is 100% REAL. Now tell me this : how do we know we are not in a 2D matrix immersed in very high def pixels ? How do we know we haven’t lived this life before ? I seriously wonder about ‘deja vu’ : that incredibly strong sensation that you’ve seen this before…some people do indeed foresee tragic events just before they happen, or even years in advance. Could it be that we are just going over it again & again until we get it right ? Yes, Matrix style.

I only know one thing now and it is clear as can be : we are here to learn. The aim is Truth. I’m not certain that Truth isn’t Love. It sounds cheesy, yeah i’m with you, but what is our innate state ? Isn’t it love ? When we are born, are we a manifestation of lies & fear ? Fear is the opposite of Love, not hate. When there is no fear there is only love. An unharmed human is compassion.
Aren’t we here to put a halt to harm, then ? We won’t make this world a better place for anything or anyone without that. We need to get back to our innate state. That is what we are here to learn, i think. Closer to the Truth.

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