It’s already been FOUR YEARS since Ayahuasca! What has changed in my life?

Wow, i can’t believe it has already been this long!

I first took Ayahuasca in June 2014, it is now August 2018, and everything is changing, more & more quickly!

The list of changes is probably longer now than what hasn’t changed. From health & fitness to self confidence through a complete change of jobs…i hardly know where to start.
I shall upload longer more detailed versions but, for now, here is the very short version : FOUR YEARS IN FOUR MINUTES.

Two years in, what has changed ?

Two years & one day ago, everything started to change for me. It was like a shock. I was gobsmacked – for 3 days. Then i got up off my arse and ran. And lost weight. And felt overwhelmed with incompatible feelings and it felt wonderful. Thank you Peter Sage and Dan Pena for showing me it is possible to not be a victim, i had no clue. No clue i was one, and no clue i could not be.
Two years have gone by, amazingly, and i have experienced Ayahuasca 11 times, shrooms 4 or 5 times, Peyote once, Kambo twice and Bufo Alvarius twice.
But what has changed ?


Episode 9.6 — Physical symptoms after Three | 2014-07-23

The psoriasis hasn’t improved this time, contrary to my first experience. My knee pain has gone completely but i think that is due to the change of diet, and my cough disappeared for a day or two but is back, although not quite as bad.


Episode 9.5 — The Challenges | 2014-07-21

Two days after ceremony three, reality starts to kick in and the true challenges show their necessary head.


Episode 9 — After Three | 2014-07-19

A detailed account of the most profound experience so far : ceremony 3, in Queretaro.
Kissing flowers, remembering how to say thank you, and saying i love you to your dearest.