A legal plant you’ve never heard of — Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia)

So two months ago i had never even considered anything other than Ayahuasca, and hadn’t even tried that yet. A week ago i met Peyote and a few days ago i discovered a bit of an enigma : Sinicuichi, also presented to me as ‘Yukutuchi’. If you do a search on the latter you probably won’t find a single result outside of this page.
Update (2015-04-23) : actually, there is a page here about that plant but it seems to be different altogether.
sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) Now i would never try anything new without assuring myself beforehand of its harmlessness. I wasn’t able to address that doubt this time, however i was being offered it by someone i trust and who takes it herself every month or two. I took the odds. You’ll find a link at the bottom of this page for further info and if you have had experience with it then please post a comment. My experience isn’t really over it seems — i was told it takes 2 or 3 days to feel the full effects, but so far it’s not bad at all ! šŸ™‚ Here’s what i had been told before i took it : it focusses on your tendons & muscles. It will repair any cells there that need to be. And every muscle in your body will hurt you for a day or two. Hmm, ok ? Aha, but then, once the pain has gone, you’ll feel like Spider Man ! I see ! Now you’re talking ! Well i’ve never had much of a crush on Spider Man, i’m more of a Batman sort of guy myself. But she seemed enthusiastic about it, so why not give it a go. It turns out that she had very little of this flower, enough for a table spoon maybe. You crush it in a molcajete until you have a powder, then you mix it with water. It’s bitter, a little like Peyote. 20 minutes in things start to slow down a little bit, your vision doesn’t seem so good, a little as if you were drunk but without the drunkenness. You’re in a pretty relaxed place. I think one should be careful of not getting too used to that because it could possibly cause an addiction. As the nice feelings were settling in, i got the vibrations in the hands & forearms & legs, as you do with Ayahuasca & Peyote. At first you describe it as pins & needles, ie numbness, but really i think it is the opposite : you are not feeling less but more. You feel the energy you are made of vibrating. You feel your existence within this physical realm more intensely. That is probably due to the vasodilation caused by the Sinicuichi (see the FAQ link at the bottom of this page). It’s not a worrying feeling to me, rather it’s as if you can feel the medicine creeping through the intricacies of your body. When the euphoria wears off, your arse starts to hurt. Every muscle in your body starts to hurt. But it doesn’t hit you too suddenly. Now about 1 hour after taking this plant i went into a temazcal for roughly 2h30. I came out a wreck, worse than i do usual, very very tired, extremely hungry, and this time i found out what it meant to REALLY FEEL YOUR BODY. Sweet jesus almighty ! I could feel my LUNGS, my THROAT deep down as far as it goes, my stomach… Every breath reminded you of all those organs inside you. When i got on the scooter to go home, boy, every little bump in the road was a reminder that i was here in this body. All that was yesterday. Today, i can still feel the muscles, but not as much as this morning when i got up. I don’t have joint pain, contrary to what i was promised by the lady who gave me the plant to drink. She says that means my joints were fine & didn’t need fixing. Ok, i can live with that. She says you become resistant to it and so you need higher & higher does. We’ll see. I’ll try it again in a month’s time, we’ll see how it goes. https://www.erowid.org/plants/sinicuichi/sinicuichi_faq.shtml