Why i left London Real Academy…against my will

I have often mentioned London Real here, and am glad i found that site because with it i found a wealth of wisdom in people such as Peter Sage.
About a month ago i registered with the London Real Academy for the full year (just under 300 USD). The idea is to upgrade your peer group, have accountability buddies and get access to exclusive webinars & ‘success secrets’ that have been removed from the regular free London Real content.

I requested my accountability buddy and filled in all the forms etc but after 3 weeks i had heard nothing back, despite trying all channels of communication available to me : email, the LRA site’s messenger, the private Facebook group, etc. But one day i found a broken link so i reported it via the support form on the LRA site: to my surprise i got a message back from Julian, one of the managers, within 24 hours. So i tried that for my accountability buddy. No luck.

Yesterday someone posted on the FB group that they were looking for the link to cancel…and that’s when things started getting strange.

Here is a brief account of my brief stay at the London Real Academy. Not quite in line with the rosey nice façade you get from Brian Rose before you join. They go to great lengths to get you to join but once you’ve joined things don’t quite follow the official story line…

Update (2016-07-30) : you will find updates on YouTube in the comment section of the video below. In a nutshell, i have now joined a group i prefer, closed but free, and which is populated with various people who left the LRA and/or felt ripped off by the lack of service/replies. I was almost certain i would rejoin the LRA but i am now convinced that is not a good idea. Again, my experience is my experience, yours could be better, i don’t know. Good luck if you choose to join.

Are you living a quiet life of desperation ?

Roughly a month before i first did Ayahuasca, i changed a few things : started working out, losing weight — a change of mindset. I went to Europe for 6 weeks and broke my habits of eating well & working out. I now need to get back on track.

What triggered the change was 2 interviews on LondonReal : first i heard the Dan Peña interview, and then i heard the Peter Sage interview. Peter blew my mind and Dan impressed me a lot. I have since listened to many interviews with Peter Sage and i highly recommend them all, in fact the longer the interview the better. The guy is focused as hell.

I just went through over two hours of Dan Peña : LondonReal’s host recently attended Dan’s £10.000 week seminar in Guthrie Castle, Scotland. I’d like a peek into the seminar, and i am really thinking that if i had £10.000 to spare i would probably pop them on this experience.

This video was very interesting to me and certain points are without a doubt worth delving into : how have i spent the last 10 years ? How much time have i wasted ? How does my every hour of the day contribute to achieving my goals ? Am i living a quiet life of desperation ? Am i living true to myself ? Am i doing what i love ?

Get ready to love or hate Mr Dan Peña. 😉