Are you living a quiet life of desperation ?

Roughly a month before i first did Ayahuasca, i changed a few things : started working out, losing weight — a change of mindset. I went to Europe for 6 weeks and broke my habits of eating well & working out. I now need to get back on track.

What triggered the change was 2 interviews on LondonReal : first i heard the Dan Peña interview, and then i heard the Peter Sage interview. Peter blew my mind and Dan impressed me a lot. I have since listened to many interviews with Peter Sage and i highly recommend them all, in fact the longer the interview the better. The guy is focused as hell.

I just went through over two hours of Dan Peña : LondonReal’s host recently attended Dan’s £10.000 week seminar in Guthrie Castle, Scotland. I’d like a peek into the seminar, and i am really thinking that if i had £10.000 to spare i would probably pop them on this experience.

This video was very interesting to me and certain points are without a doubt worth delving into : how have i spent the last 10 years ? How much time have i wasted ? How does my every hour of the day contribute to achieving my goals ? Am i living a quiet life of desperation ? Am i living true to myself ? Am i doing what i love ?

Get ready to love or hate Mr Dan Peña. 😉