Qu’est-ce-que le Bufo Alvarius ?

Il s’agit d’un crapeau aux qualités uniques…et l’expérience qui découle de la combustion de son venin séché sera sans aucun doute l’expérience la plus merveilleuse que vous aurez l’occasion de vivre. Aussi indescriptible que de décrire la vie à quelqu’un qui n’a jamais vécu.
Vous manquez d’envie de vivre ? Vous manquez de gratitude envers la vie, l’existence ? Vous avez envie de renaître et de connaître votre origine ?


The Ayahuasca Dieta Diaries, Peru

In February 2016 i went to Pucallpa, Peru, for a 2 week shaman’s diet. The one hour boat ride got us to a Shipibo settling of 1000 called San Francisco. Road access ended when the bridge got detroyed by the rain. For 2 weeks we dieted in quasi isolation, eating the same oil-free & salt-free vegetarian meals, and attended 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, whilst dieting on another master plant for about 10 days. Never has Ayahuasca been this intense. Bufo Alvarius was not far off.

For the whole duration i took notes, as some deep shit hit my fan. These are the highlights from my dieta diaries.

May you be well !

Part 1 of 7 (more will be uploaded in a few moments) :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Kambo Experiences 1 & 2

I recently went for 2 Kambo sessions with my 71 year old mother and 37 year old brother.
I am uploading my video comment, recorded a few days after the administering.
In terms of benefits, what i can say is this :
– My mind is less ‘noisy’, less like a car crash, with fewer pieces flying in all directions
– I feel better inside : my organs, such as my pancreas or liver, that used to hurt me a bit, seem fine…i cannot feel them. I feel healthier inside somehow.
– The itch under my left foot comes & goes but sometimes disappears for a few days, and is less intense. At one point i thought it had gone completely.
– I am more sensitive to loss of time : wasting time is less bearable. I will stay a lot less in bed and get up quickly after waking up : there is the sense that i should not waste time. I still procrastinate too much, though.
– Bear in mind that for the past week or so i have been microdosing Iboga rootbark in 290 mg capsules (up to 5 a day), and i am not sure how much that has clouded my judgement of Kambo / how much of what i feel is due to which.
– I feel calmer, maybe more able to control my emotions when they are negative, and yet a lot more emotional. I went through some very intense & emotional days, crying a lot and feeling i miss my brother & mother. This made me question my presence in Mexico (they live across the Atlantic).
– I have started going to the gym.
– i eat smaller quantities and it feels like i am slimming (?).

My mother has gone through a very different experience, but reaped some benefits too. I will get to that when i can.