La dépression n’est pas une maladie

Ceci devrait intéresser toute personne voulant sortir de ce qui est souvent appelé la ”dépression’. Il est important de ne plus l’appeler ‘maladie’ mais de la reconnaître pour ce qu’elle est réellement : la preuve que notre système de guidage interne fonctionne toujours.
Cette ‘dépression’ n’a rien de différent de la faim après n’avoir rien mangé ou la soif après n’avoir rien bu. C’est un message de la part de notre GPS interne, et il nous dit qu’il faut changer de trajectoire, de point de vue, d’habitudes. Il faut changer nos actions, nos pensées, améliorer notre santé.

Je démontre ici que la dépression n’est pas différente d’un rhume et que ni l’un ni l’autre ne sont à considérer comme une maladie si l’on veut pouvoir en guérir. Mais veut-on vraiment guérir ?


The true meaning of ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

What do we think of when we hear these two words put together (‘conspiracy theorist’) ? And are we really thinking at all when we react to them or just having a knee-jerk reaction ?
What do those words mean ? When are they used and why ?

What you can expect in this video :
– Definition of the words
– What you believe it means
– How you came to believe that
– Does it demonstrate or prove anything ? Or is it about scaring people into submission ?
– Why you should NOT be a conspiracy theorist ! Ha !


Why depression is not a disease !

A word on what you may have been told is a disease but isn’t. This could change how you view these feelings, and hopefully help you a tad with ‘depression’ and sickness in general.

What you can expect :
– why having a cold or being depressed are the same thing and are not diseases.
– why “depression” is your ally and not a problem as such
– the true causes of all depressions (spoiler alert)
– what you can do about it
– how to empower yourself against disease and ‘depression’
– proof that you can choose your thoughts
– why your subconscious manifests through feeling and not through thoughts
– how repetition can destroy you or save you
– how to get a MASSIVE mood boost and energy boost for free (takes less than 1 minute to achieve)
– why populations are getting sicker and more stupid
– why your doctor’s business model makes you a masochist or a bit silly
– what your doctor’s business model would be like if he gave a shit about your health.

I hope this helps.

And, yes, i’m an arrogant cunt. But this shit could change the world, it really could. It’s up to us.

All the best,

P.S. This video contains a lot of words you may or may not like.


Un rapide tour d’horizon : Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, etc.


Qu’est-ce-que l’Ayahuasca ?

Une tasse de thé dégueu pour explorer votre inconscient, ça vous dit ?
Vous avez l’intention de mettre fin à votre dépression chronique ? Vous voulez vous débarasser de vos angoisses ? Apprécier plus la vie ? Surmonter vos peurs les plus profondes ?
Si prétendre connaître l’Ayahuasca me semble chose impossible — vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos surprises — on peut dire que nos expériences en sa compagnie valent toujours très largement le coût.
A vous de le vouloir, c’est tout. Le potentiel de cette médecine dépend de vous. Vous avez une mentalité de victime ? Passez votre chemin !


Qu’est-ce-que le Bufo Alvarius ?

Il s’agit d’un crapeau aux qualités uniques…et l’expérience qui découle de la combustion de son venin séché sera sans aucun doute l’expérience la plus merveilleuse que vous aurez l’occasion de vivre. Aussi indescriptible que de décrire la vie à quelqu’un qui n’a jamais vécu.
Vous manquez d’envie de vivre ? Vous manquez de gratitude envers la vie, l’existence ? Vous avez envie de renaître et de connaître votre origine ?


Quelle préparation pour l’Ayahuasca ?

Attention, la préparation est d’une importance primordiale !
Voici quelques conseils qui sont aussi des obligations pour une expérience sans dangers.


My cry for help : how can i help my sabotaging family ?

‘I have morons on my team’. Ever see that film? I love that line. It’s from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, with Redford & Newman, late 60’s. Great movie with great actors.

Judgemental, eh ? I’m desperate.

Can you help ? I can’t.

Thank you.

[Update 2016-05-19]
This was me being a victim about victims. Not very smart.
For the record, i took very small doses of acid on the day of this video. Not 100% sure what the substance is since i cannot verify it, however. Feels like coffee concentrated into the center of my brain. Seems to have highs & lows, feels unnatural, not like shrooms, more synthetic.
I have a lot of work. I need to stop hiding from my pain & loneliness. I need to stop wasting time, i must focus and stick to it. My brain needs rewiring, deeply.


Does our mind control & create our reality ?

Dr Bruce Lipton produces a fascinating presentation from minute 1 right through to the very last second.
Just 5 or 10 mins in you can feel the breeze that is about to storm your mind. And then it just gets better & better.
So much in here that i will have to watch it again, for sure. And yet it is all so very clear & easy to understand.
Thanks, Mr Lipton, this is high-value life-changing insight.


My 66 Day Challenge : to work out every day

On April 25th 2016 i decided to take up a self-suggested 66 day challenge to exercise every single day.
Here i will post “Vlog” updates – that’s video logs i think – now & then.
I am now on day 22, ie 33% through. How do i feel ? Have i lost weight ? Am i gaining muscle ?
What is my routine ?
My weight is stable, but…

Quick reminder : before May 10th 2014, which is when i first watched Dan Pena & Peter Sage and started running & eating better (and soon did Ayahuasca), i was 83 Kg. I am 68 Kg (2016-05-16).

Vlog from April 28th (2016) – Day 4 :

Vlog from May 16th – Day 22 :


Vlog from June 14th – Day 53 :

Before and after photos will be posted on Day 66 right here. Subscribe to this blog and/or the YouTube channel for updates.


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